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Best reason to visit Egypt is to check out the amazing nightlife.

There are many reasons why you should travel to Egypt such as; experiencing the marvelous sights of the sphinx and pyramids in Cairo, visiting the temples and tombs in Luxor or taking a sail down the Nile.  Maybe the world-class snorkeling and diving in the Red Sea sparks an interest?

But, the best reason to visit Egypt is to check out the amazing nightlife.  The Egyptian clubbing scene has been propelled into an international affair. Given that house music evolved from ancient Egyptian and African rhythms, it is only appropriate for this generation’s Egyptian youth to embrace their heritage, and party hard to pumping house beats.  Places like Cairo come alive because the casinos, discotechques and clubs are open all night long.  International hotels try to top each other featuring amazing shows to lure you in and have a drink.

The democracy of clubbing in Egypt is astounding once you’re on the dance floor and among the hundreds shaking their hips to the music, nothing else matters. Rich and poor, young and old, thin and not-so-thin, pierced and un-pierced – all look essentially the same. People speak Russian, English, Italian and Arabic, but the common language unifying them is the names of DJs, who are spoken of with a quiet reverence, and the words used to classify the loud and pumping music: techno, trance, R&B, hip hop, new age and house. Anything goes here in Egypt so lose the tie, let your hair down and be as outrageous as you like.

Pacha – It will not be uncommon to rock up to Pacha Sharm El Sheikh and find difficulties getting through the chaotic dance floor. You will probably have to squeeze through the hip-shaking crowd.  Girls with wearing super short mini skirts and dudes in really tight t-shirts is the vibe here, pure indulgence.  This gorgeous club has a pool in the middle and encompasses the Pacha party spirit mixed with a mystical Arabian flavour. It is the best venue in Sharm, you will not need to go anywhere else.

The Echo Temple – Parties at Pacha can sometimes extend down to The Echo Temple, Egypt’s best-kept secret venue. It is an outdoor desert theatre located in the heart of the Sinai desert where it is surrounded by mysterious mountains and millions of stars.  European DJ’s spin funky house and trance on a stage lit up with amazing red lights.  Foam parties are also a highlight here at the Echo Temple.

Ministry of Sound ‘The Bar’ and ‘The Beach’ – The Ministry of Sound brand has now opened two places to party side by side in Hurghada.  Before the partying begins, ‘The Bar’ is where you can chill out and listen to some fresh music.  After you’ve had a few drinks you can head next door and push your way through the busy dance floor to find a spot.  At ‘The Beach’ it is a full on party where beautiful faces, sand and sea surround you. Amazing fire shows also take place on the beach here.