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Artist Interview Nanami Cowdroy

My name is Nanami Cowdroy, I’m a Sydney born artist and designer. I come from a Eurasian background – my mother is Japanese and my father French / Scottish, my name ‚Nanami‘ in Japanese means „Seven Seas“


Introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your art?

My artwork is quite significantly inspired by my heritage and mixed culture as well as my life in Sydney. With my art, I draw upon the many influences and impressions I had when I was a child, which continue to be a great inspiration for me. I was brought up with strong connections to both sides of the family and so I guess it gave me a great appreciation for different aesthetics and artistic interpretation.

Could you tell us about your recent works?

I just created a series of illustrations for a magazine which explore a very organic, wild garden theme – illustrating many carnivorous and exotic plants. I am beginning a new artwork by combining these subjects together to form a work titled „Over Grown “

What do you see as the difference between a traditional artist and a graphic artists?

Fundamentally I believe there is no difference at the heart of any artist / creative. Both traditional and graphic artists communicate and express themselves through a visual and creative medium.

What is your media of choice?

I love just working with black pen, pencil and ink on paper… this is the foundation to all of my artworks and compositions. When / if I use the computer I use my scanner and Photoshop. Right now, I’m experimenting trying to extend my illustration onto new surfaces and testing out news ways of applying ink and paint.

What are you working on right now?

Right now I have a few projects in the works, I have a series of illustrations coming out in Talk Magazine and one of which is especially exciting and a first for me… an installation artwork to be a part of the Mini ‚Pieces‘ Exhibit for Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival. Very exciting and I can’t wait!

You can check out Nanami’s work at: www.nthread.net