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ALL OR NOTHING: Valentino Kanzyani

Valentino Kanzyani is a Slovenian DJ and producer totally lost in music and his musical journeys take you to the depths and heights of the electronic universe. We met him in Ibiza at a very unsusual place, the golf court. Let’s see what kind of person he his …


Vinyl or Digital?
Digital, because it offers more flexibility and ways of expressing myself. I switched to digital one year ago. My transition from vinyl to digital took four years, I had to be sure and it had to make sense for me stopping playing vinyl after 16 years. Now I can carry much more music with me. I’m able to listen to my music wherever I want, perform live remixing on stage and test my new things immediately on the dance floor.

Finca or Villa?
To be honest, both are cool. Nowadays you better have a roof over your head; and having an apartment is already a lot. If I had to choose it would be a villa, because I love modern architecture and I am fascinated by the villas I visited here on some special after-parties.

Beach or Pool?
Beach, I was born on the seaside and from day one you get a special connection with the ocean, for me it’s very important to live near the see. Driving by in winter and watching the interchanging colours makes my day magic. That’s why in Ibiza I feel at home.

Darkness or Light?
Light, it fills us with power and makes things grow. But the darkness allows us to go wild, and it’s hard to choose. Both are important and magic to me and I couldn’t imagine my life without one or the other.

Above or beyond?
Beyond, as what happened already, I already experienced. I’m not attached to my memories and I’d rather live the present and let the future surprise me. Actually, there is just the present. The only thing we really have is the present moment; the future and past are non-existent. So getting stuck in the past or hopping into the future is never a good thing to do. Live the present, enjoy the moment!

Dancefloor or VIP?
Dance floor, as I started to love and enjoy music on it, and spent much of my teenage years on dance floors, partying on early acid house and new beat. Dancing is my first love and I dance also when I’m in the VIP area, having conversations with some extremely interesting random people, but if you really want to enjoy music you have to be on the dance floor because only there you can really feel the music.

House or Techno?
House. I grew up with acid house, dancing the hell out of me.

Sky or Earth?
Earth, because I’m an inhabitant of the earth who can’t fly and can’t drive a vehicle which makes us able to really enjoy the vastness of the sky..

Home or Abroad?
Abroad, as there is always much more to learn abroad than at home. I love travelling and meeting new people and cultures.

Males or Females?
Depending for what. I love all human beings and I have a lot of male and female friends, but if the question is sex orientated, than it’s females.

Siesta or Fiesta?
Fiesta more than siesta, but after a while we all need siesta as well. In Ibiza I definitely spend much more hours in fiestas.

Servant or Master?
Servant, as I love to learn, and even as a master I love to serve.