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5 Questions to Peter Rauhofer to his work with Madonna.

In a market that’s saturated with so many interchangeable DJ’s, it’s rare to find an artist who is able to stand out year after year without any sign of slowing down. One of those artists is Peter Rauhofer.


Based out of New York City, Austrian-born Peter Rauhofer has been an industry main-stay in one form or another for the past 15 years. Whether he’s serving his role as producer, DJ, record label head, or party promoter; Peter has continuously made his mark as one of the biggest influences in house music. From his first global hit in ’93 under the moniker Club 69, „Let Me Be Your Underwear“, Peter has had over 100 Billboard number hits.

In 2001 he also won the Grammy for Remixer of The Year, following house legends Frankie Knuckles and David Morales in the preceding years before him. With his solid technical skills and track selection, he slowly built a huge following for himself both globally and in New York as he held down the Roxy residency for over 8 years until the club shut it’s doors. Peter doesn’t show any signs of slowing down as 2008 has plenty in store for him.

Big projects are nothing new for Peter as he’s been one of Madonna’s personal re-mixer’s for over 10 years. He just recently wrapped up his remixes of Madonna’s new single, „4 Minutes“, which is already being called as one of the biggest remixes of 2008.

How Long have you been DJing professionally for?
I’ve been DJing since 1983

What’s the process like when working on a Madonna remix? Does she have any specific demands?
I’ve been working with Madonna for over 10 years so at this point we work well enough together that she trusts my judgement.

How do you decide what direction to go in when working with something like a Madonna remix?
Whether working with Madonna or anybody else when I’m asked to do a remix from the first moment I hear the original I already have the whole remix constructed in my head. If I’m not feeling it from the beginning then I won’t do the remix.

How do you balance remix work with running a label and DJing?
I’m a workaholic by nature so the difficult of running a label comes easy to me. It is definitely a challenge running a label in today’s market but luckily my DJ Career, my Work! parties in NYC, and Star 69 are all successful endeavors that support each other and that makes it much easier for me.

What’s next for Peter Rauhofer?
In addition to some really big remixes, I’m also working on my next mix CD in the „I Love..“ series, and my tour schedule includes Space in Ibiza in August.