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Various Items 3 EP out now on ‚Items and Things‘

With years of experience behind and millions of fans around the world, Magda, Troy Pierce and Marc Houle continue to surprise and excite the electronic world.  Their collaboration as label bosses gave birth to the creation of  “Items & Things”, a label with promising young talent and a dark dirty techno sound reflecting the bosses’ musical profiles!


If you are looking for that special Christmas gift, stop!  “Various Items 3”, the five track EP by Carreno is LB, Vicky Montefusco and Miro Pajic is the perfect holiday gift, out now on “Items & Things”.  The EP describes the debut of the three artists in an experimental techno tale.

Madrid based Carreno is LB starts off the EP with “Sweet Blasphemy”, a dark techy track incorporated with a solid bass line and various effects, which makes it the perfect dance floor tool.  His second track on “Various Items 3” EP, “Humpbacked” has that experimental, dirty sound reflecting the artists’ unique style.

Continuing on with Berlin based DJ and producer Miro Pajic who marks his second appearance on the label.  Pajic’s warm and deep sound could be recognized through both of his tracks. “Love Chamber” is sexy and weird for those early hours of stretch and  “Hot Body” is a funky, dirty techno boogie, which will make you shake your tail!

Italian producer Vicky Montefusco makes a significant debut with the track “Jump it”, including inspiring organic flutes and of course a solid techy bass line throughout.

“Various Items 3” EP out now on “Items & Things”!

Magda-Marc-Houle-Troy-Pierce-Items-and-Things-Logo-300x280.jpgVarious Items 3 (Items & Things)
Label: Items & Things
Artist: Various
Title: Various Items 3
Cat. No.: IT018

1. Carreno is LB – Sweet Blasphemy
2. Carreno is LB – Humpbacked
3. Miro Pajic – Love Chamber
4. Miro Pajic – Hot Body
5. Vicky Montefusco – Jump It