Trevor Macey: Thujon and the magic fairy

Dreaming of a lovely summerday gives the main acting parts always to sunshine, palm trees and a beach on the sea, nothing else than housy tunes would better fit to such a summerday. What about a wonderful summernight? Tropical nights with a warm summer breeze, falling stars, fireflies and the man in the moon let dance the fairy everywhere.

When the night comes down we’re more addicted to Techno Sounds. The summer feeling seduces even the straight guys to the more magic groovy side of this genre. Who’s experienced the magic of Thujon may already follow the sounds of Trevor Macey’s Thujon, for all the virgins out there may explained: Thujon is the little something special in original Absinth. In combination with high percentage alcohol and a lot of sugar the special herbs brings the famous green fairy out of the bottle.

Trevor Macey seems to be visited by a whole fairy nation but for not enough: The fairy took their little ghostfriends, trolls, whitchies and cobolds with them and let an invasion of lemmings into the scene. No doubt the ragtag crowd had a wild and crazy celebration with Trevor and filled him up to the tooths with endorphins. Even at daytime you feel you feel tingly with a big smile on your face until the energizing vibes flow through your vains. What about doing some monkey business you may think on your desk, at least you enjoy the easy lovely mood of Thujon. Sensitive ears even might be flashed by the very special disco of Thujon: Every single sound snipped chatters his own groove while jamming together with his colleagues from break to break. Definitely the fans of melodic techno tunes will have pleasure with Thujon, with or without Absinth.

The signing track of the single called Mesitylen owns also a lot of soul but somehow more from the dark side. It’s pushy too but somehow more dulled and dizzy. Also Trevor Macey seems to have his passion with low frequency oscillators. Especially on the big breaks way he’s massiv dragging the sounds which awards the track with an outstanding atmosphere. The massiv sounds, the driving bassdrums and the dragged synths are rocking the floor  at later nightime for sure.

The label Secondary Tones as well as the artist Trevor Macey belong to the suprising new appearence on the big electronic music circus. The label seems to be founded in May 2014 and with this release Secondary Tones celebrates its foundation. Trevor Macey has raised up on the scene at the end of July. His preferences for diverse liquids are already whistle-blowed by his tracks, except some hard facts like male, single and straight that’s it for the moment. Might be worth for some more don’t it? Indeed a nice suprise. Fortunately not Partysan Exclusive.

Check the german version right here