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Travelling with Mondkrater to Roter Planet

The vision itself of a lunar crater on a red planet sounds quite magic. The cover could not better inspire your mind with its red earth, some white petals and slices of dark ebony.

Easy to see that the appropriate sound opens the door to a journey into worlds of dreams.

Just to explain for non german speaking people: Lunar Crater is the english translation for Mondkrater, red planet means Roter Planet and the label Traumwelten defines dreamworlds.

Following the explanation you easily realize from the beginning the positive and dynamic mood of the track. It’s a techno track but not one of the straight kind. Nice percussions chatter around the main beat and the bassline follows its own rules. The deep warm analog sounds become more and more powerful while spotting with bluesy tunes to welcome the big break. Without any beats but with magic fingers on the LFO rules the break to the top, let you come down for a moment to turn into a second break. Imagine a club with a great soundsystem and a perfect teamplay between DJ and VJ and you can’t get out of the spectacular impact created by this track.

The second track called Zenit should be the next on your playlist. The track owns this very special bluesy moment you often experience on a peaktime. However in real life or in your dreams a peak is always unique and definitely followed by a downturn. The knowledge of this rule touches your mind just for a moment and creates the thing we call tears of joy. It might be more melancholic when you’re on your own. While clubbing the next level will come soon, that’s for sure.

AlexMondkraterJust a few words about the artist Mondkrater and the label Traumwelten. The born name of Mondkrater is Alexander, the artist name was indeed given by the moon: Alexander is the name of an huge lunar crater based on the moon. The 23 years old guy Alexander counts already on a big fanbase in his homecountry Ukraine. As one part of the duo Mode B he’s been successful since years, with his project Mondkrater and his label Ideological Records he’s been set his footprint over his countrie’s frontier to Germany, France as well as in the middle east.

The release on Traumwelten isn’t Alexanders first release on a german label. After a collaboration with Weltenwandler he was invited by Ryan Davis to release his EP Zodiac on Klangwelt including the clubhit Alina with a remix by Microrauma.

No doubt: Not only the actual release of Mondkrater might be a sign of a relationship to Riley Reinholds Traum Records. The style definitely fits to Traum and enriches the genre in a special way. In fact the label Traumwelten was founded by another label family boss, the recent move to a big label group  marks a change, wherever we’ll see. However let’s travel to the planets.