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Tom Findlay (Groove Armada) – ‚LateNightTales Presents Music For Pleasure‘

Taking a side step out of the usual Late Night Tales timeline, Tom Findlay from Groove Armada presents a special Music For Pleasure selection. The 18 tracks chosen here have been lovingly re-edited and mixed by Tom as a seamless voyage through some of the finest soulful pop music of the 70s and early 80s.

Tom Findlay (Groove Armada) - 'LateNightTales Presents Music For Pleasure'

Tom Findlay says of the record, “it´s very much a ´concept´ record, blue eyed soul, yacht rock. Vibe was very much tunes that I used to blast on the tour bus. I love that music in a very wrong way, its music to hug to“!”

Press play and suddenly life somehow feels so much better. The sun is shining, because it always does round here. In your mind you are roller-skating down Venice Beach, the breeze gently kissing your blonde hair. You live in an apartment up in Laurel Canyon. Life has never been better.

Although California plays an obvious role, it’s not just the Pacific Coast representing here. We’ve got a colourful assortment including Steve Miller Band with ‘Fly Like An Eagle’, Bobby Caldwell’s ultra-smooth groove ‘What You Wont Do For Love’, ‘Work To Do’ by Average White Band, Michael McDonald weighs in with ‘I Keep Forgettin’ and there’s room for 10cc’s ever magical ‘I’m Not In Love’. Big boys don’t cry.

Alongside Tim Hutton, Tom Findlay forms Sugar Daddy, who are responsible for the rather tasty cover of Ace’s ‘How Long’ here. This will be the only new Groove Armada recording made available in 2012.

The summer’s coming and Music For Pleasure has merely accelerated its arrival. Let your hair down. Slip on your blue jeans and cowboy shirt. Make yourself at home by the pool. Shake up a cocktail and stick this on the sound system. Lay back and think of Laurel Canyon.

In depth track by track comments and intro liner by the legendary Bill Brewster. The vinyl format has been cut as a  „half speed“ master, a high end audiophile technique to get best audio quality from the vinyl, and pressed on 180 gram. It comes in special antistatic inner sleeves with cover art print and the cd mix inside.

Compiled, Reedited & Mixed by Tom Findlay – Groove Armada: Who better to select some nostalgic classics to sweep you back in time than Tom Findlay. one half of cult duo, Groove Armada. Responsible for some of the biggest records of the last decade and one of the only dance music acts to achieve cult band status, they continue to maintain and grow a mainstream and underground audience. Groove Armada are original heroes championing music from across the borders of genres. Tom’s record collection spans more time than many family airlooms, as this mix bears witness to.

LateNightTales Presents Music For Pleasure Mixed and compiled by Tom Findlay from Groove Armada Late Night Tales (ALNCD28) Release Date: Monday June 18th, 2012LateNightTales Presents Music For Pleasure
Mixed and compiled by Tom Findlay from Groove Armada
Late Night Tales (ALNCD28)
Release Date: Monday June 18th, 2012








1. Ambrosia – You’re The Only Woman
2. Robert Palmer – Every Kind Of People
3. Michael McDonald – I Keep Forgettin’
4. Toto – Georgy Porgy
5. Bobby Caldwell – What You Won’t Do For Love
6. Player – Baby Come Back
7. Steve Miller Band – Fly like An Eagle
8. Ned Doheny – Get It Up For Love
9. Average White Band ¬ – Work to Do
10. Lowdown – Boz Scaggs
11. Sugardaddy ft. Tim Hutton – How Long (Exclusive Ace cover version)
12. ELO – Showdown
13. Gerry Rafferty – Get It Right Next Time
14. Doobie Brothers – It Keeps You Runnin’
15. Hall & Oates – I’m Just A Kid (Don’t Make Me Feel Like A Man)
16. Bread – Guitar Man
17. Todd Rundgren – Be Nice To Me
18. 10cc – Im Not In Love