SIS album cover Confidence

SIS – The Dancefloor Whisperer

DJ turns horse whisperer? As a means to get away from it all, SIS‘ choice to become a full-time horse trainer was far from obvious. After listening to his comeback album it suddenly makes perfect sense though. It is true: Ten electronic music tracks can chart SIS‘ experiences with horses, a feat which certainly hasn’t been done before.

SIS album cover ConfidanceAfter a wild 2008 which saw SIS shooting to notoriety with his crazy ‘Trompeta’, the German producer with Turkish roots took some time off for his second great passion – horses. This adventure leaked into the fabric of his second longplayer.

‚Confidance‘ looks like a concept album. Not only do all of its ten track titles begin with the letter ‚M‘ but they are also names of different horse breeds. Rather than starting with an aggressive four to the floor beat the tracks draw closer much more shyly, like a timid horse, snuffling with individual samples and sounds. After building up ‚confidance‘, they surprise you when the bass sets in a minute into the track, creating those memorable hands in the air moments in the club.

SIS proves the perfect dancefloor whisperer in his newest album. Staying true to his roots he combines heavy use of rather short, folklorist samples (very much like in his hit ‚Trompeta‘) with tracks that appeal more to the musical geek by their clear structure and perfect arrangement layer on layer (a continuation of his earlier ‚Orgsa‘ and ‚Nesrib‘). ‚Maremmano‘ is one of these hypnotising pieces, interspersed with repeating synthie bleeps and a playful melody, which like a stubborn horse eludes you just when you thought you’d finally get it.

‚Mérens‘ especially shows SIS‘ love for exotic samples, with its country music-like acoustic guitar riff, repeated time and time again over a chunky bassline.

‚Murgese‘ and ‚Mangalarga‘ are the other two huge club tracks of the album, strongly hi-hat driven and hitting all the right spots.

Towards the end of the album the mood of ‚Confidance‘ gets darker. The last four tracks exhibit sometimes beatless expanses of sound, reminiscent of the prairie with fitting samples of native chants and almost esoteric rain dances. ‚Morab‘ and ‚Marwari‘ are powerful and spheric tracks, ideal for these Ibizan Es Vedra sunsets.

Saddle the horses and ride the SIS flow! With this excellent album his future live sets will make for spiritual afterhours.

Artist: SIS
Album: Confidance
Label: Cocolino
Release Date: April 17th, 2013