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System of Survival’s ‚Needle and Thread‘

Deep, deep down from the underground a system hard to escape evolves into a new direction of musical experience! Circoloco’s experienced children of dance, the one and only System of Survival, have finally fulfilled the anticipation and are ready to destroy the musical world with their new album ‘Needle and Thread’, out on Bpitch this month.

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FOTO System of SurvialVeterans in the world of electronic music and long time DC10 residents, Alex and Bingo aka System of Survival, have put all their sweat, tears, and laughter in this new chapter of musical extravaganza. Their first album is a fine combination of all those years of DC10 adventures and lessons learned. The 12-track album combines melodic figures of hazy beauty with bass in your face! The Italian duo reached down to their roots for some hometown vocal collaborations with old time friends like Anna Gi and Pietro Caprioglio aka Autre. The all star vocalist medal goes to Shaun J. Wright, who shares his talent on the track ‘Attitude’ and throws it back old school with his 90’s house twist.

The album combines Bingo’s love for soul and funk as well as Alex’s Detroit and Chicago background, which makes a real dance floor smasher. And what better story to tell your grandchildren about the album than this: Travelling to the airport on her way back from a DC10 gig, Ellen Allien had the listening pleasure of a promo copy of System of Survival’s ‘Needle and Thread’. She instantly fell in love with it and signed the boys for a new chapter in their lives!