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Solomun talking about hard work, remixes and his own night at Sankeys Ibiza…

Few tracks are so intricately linked to the Ibiza season of 2011 as Solomun‘s remix of ‚Around‘ by Noir and Haze. Diligently arranged for an afternoon in a beach bar as well as rocking any club night. The man behind the mix is one of the most productive and hard-working remixers and producers in electronic music.


Ibiza party people know you especially because of last year’s remix of Noir and Haze. When did you feel that ‚Around‘ will be huge? Already while producing it? The remix of ‚Around‘ had a long story because it took me ages to even get started. But when I did, it immediately clicked and I finished the whole thing non-stop in four hours. Then I gave it to Stimming, H.O.S.H. and Liem in my studio for listening and we knew that I have something here.

You’ve been promoter for a very long time but having your own night in Ibiza must be exciting for you. You are collaborating with Sankeys, how did it come about? We are all really under pressure right now and looking forward to the next few weeks as this is new land for us too. A friend of mine, who lives on the island, walked me through Sankeys before they opened and I found it really cool that among the super clubs now there is also a smaller, more intimate venue.

If you were on your holiday here what parties would you go to, except for your Diynamic Neon Nights? Apart from our DIY Neon Nights I will play for Defected at Pacha on four dates. I will use my time in Ibiza just to relax a little.

German electronic music is usually from Berlin or Frankfurt. In what ways does your hometown Hamburg influence you? Or maybe even your Bosnian origin? Probably my heritage has a little influence. As a kid from the Balkans I have a melancholy, passionate side in me that affects my music. However, my immediate environment plays a more important role and this has been Hamburg for a very long time. As far as I am concerned Hamburg is, next to Berlin, Germany’s most important city in electronic music.

You have so much work with your DJ gigs, label and the club, do you find time for the studio? We are looking forward to new releases. ‚Kackvogel‘ on Watergate was released recently. There will also be remixes for Digitalism and Luca C & Brigante feat. Rosin Murphy. And in July our five years Diynamic – Charity Compilation will be released, with a track by me. However, I won’t have as many releases as last year.

How can you separate all your different jobs? Or are you multitasking in your club during a DJ gig, planning your sets while at work in the office? Fortunately I can separate these things really well. I have great partners and an awesome team who supports me all the time.

How do you relax in your free time? Honestly I don’t relax enough. So I booked my flight in such a way that I will have time to relax a whole week on the island before my gigs.

You are a very hard-working remixer. What does it depend on whether you do a remix or not? Is it the money sometimes or on how interesting the track is for you? Either you can relate to the artist, then you love doing the remix, or you really like the track and you have an idea already while listening to it. Usually I take two or three days time. If I can’t find access to the track then I just quit.

You once said that there is a lot of worry and pain in your songs but also love and humour. Which side dominates you right now?  Everything will fall into place; the main thing is to stay healthy.

Thank you very much.