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Smalltalk with James Kininmonth!

james kiminoth

Ibiza is the thang: Rich and full of the best talents of the worldwide electronic music-scene it´s very hard to enjoy yourself. Big names of the scene, aspiring musical talents, the Balearic island of “Eivissa”, as it is named in Catalan, is full of them. Still here and then you find artists, whose story is both amazing as extraordinary: So Liverpool, UK based artist James Kininmonth is not only an artist, who will rock various clubs of the island this week with his specific style in techy UK-House, also his story is extraordinary, as he might be amongst the youngest Techhouse DJ´s seen behind Ibiza´s DJ-booths. Or have you heard before about a DJ who had started his career behind the decks at the early age of six years old?

Q.: “When we first met – when you did your remix for our Label envloop records – you were, if not the youngest producer I had ever had heard about, but at any rate the youngest DJ/producer I have ever worked with. Nevertheless your remix was banging and showed a lot of musical expertise. How does that come?”

James Kininmonth: “Well, to be honest it´s just been hard work and keeping at it, I’ve always loved music ever since I was a baby. I first got into it when I was 6 years old and my dad couldn’t find me a babysitter and took me with him at a pub gig (Karaoke/Disco). After a few weeks I got bored and ended up going up to the DJ setup when my dad went the bar and pausing one of the CD Players – hahaha! Everyone laughed at me at this little kid who just had stopped everyone on the dancefloor. Since that happened that week I just watched him the next week and done the same thing, that time playing another track and keeping people on the dancefloor.  That´s when I knew that´s what I wanted and got my first set of turntables at the age of 9. Production started when I was 14, I always loved electronic music and wanted to have my own original tracks to play out when I´m DJing, so I started out on Propellerhead Reason 4.0 with a friend showing me the basics. I now use Steinberg Cubase 5, which I love producing on as I think its such an amazing DAW. Cubase 5 came along through studying in college really, I got my first release at 16 and wanted to move from Reason to Cubase, so I was learning music sequencing in class with a great tutor „Kooky“ who is also a huge inspiration to me and has supported me so much ever since the beginning, so thanks to Kooky as well.”

Q.: “So your story is amazing: From a talented music-class student only within a couple of months now we find you as a headliner DJ in Ibiza. Where exactly will you perform there the next week, and what can we expect to hear?”

J.K.: “I’m going over there with the record label I´ve been loyal to over the past 6 months „Proud Sound“: I have so much respect for the label, and the whole team behind the label, everyone works so hard, I thoroughly believe that it is the next big thing! I will be playing at Es Paradis, Viva, Kanya Beach and a Boat Party. Expect to hear groovy uplifting tech house, with swinging percussion blending in towards huge „hands in the air“ techno.”

Q.: “Where else can you be heard clubwise?”

J.K.: “The next big gig for me is „Mannifest“ which is a festival in the Isle of Man, I played there last year and it was off the hook, this year should be Bigger & Better!!”

Q.: “So, as for Ibiza you´re leaving your British island – do you have any special relations with “the continent”?”

J.K.: “Yes, I definitely have some very special relations with “the continent”, namely with Austria: I have a great friend from Envloop Records „Hillberg“, he’s a great guy and has a great catalogue on his label, plus brilliant productions from himself – and you can find one of my remixes on their label as well.”

Q.: “What are your upcoming projects talking in terms of music-productions?”

J.K.: “I have currently finished two huge techno tracks! I’m really excited about them, one track is with a great friend from college his production name is „Doubleffe“ and another track is with who I would class as my best friend his name is „J Daly“. Other projects I´m currently working on is a collaboration with „Kooky“ which is coming on really nice and I have a great feeling that it will become a brilliant vocal track and also a tech house track which I’m struggling with to be honest, but, I will never give up on it and I love a challenge haha!”

Q.: “What would you say – what is the “specific element” in your productions, what makes them a real “James Kininmonth-tune”?”

J.K.: “I think its the percussion, a lot of people have been recognising the percussion in my tracks, and I think its starting to stick with people.”

Q.: “Your productions stand in line with a new and fresh sound coming from Liverpool. What makes Liverpudlians so creative?”



J.K.: “I think a lot of Liverpudlians have grown up around music a lot, and electronic music especially is all around us here in Liverpool. There’s great young producers out there, in Liverpool the producers who in my opinion are the next big thing are: Mr.Wise, Avrosse, J Daly, Mark Castley and SetZ.”

Q.: “Coming back to Ibiza: Besides your gigs – what are your plans for this your week there, when you have a break from performing?”

“This week I will be promoting myself and the record label, Giving a few CDs away which consist of a 40 Min Tech House Music and a few of my original tracks. Hopefully after I get the main bits out the way e.g. Performing and Promotion, I will catch a bit of sun, have a few beers and DEFINITELY rave my socks off! “