Ricardo Villalobos is dependent and happy on Perlon

When you have a Ricardo release from Perlon you can be sure that it won’t simply offer 4/4 beats and easy melodies. As usual, there are a lot of experiments and musical genres on this album and changes in rhythm are quite common.


You have to take your time for this album and listen to the tracks several times to really get into them. This is nothing for people who listen to an album on their way to the club or while drinking with friends at home. For people who love music though this album is a masterpiece.

There is not exclusively experimental stuff on the CD. Some tracks can be played during parties or after-hours. ‚Timemorf‘ for instance, which is built on a percussion-driven framework that sounds familiar from previous productions. Or ‚Kehaus‘ with its weird, creaky sounds, that will leave clubbers pretty clueless all over the world.