Ray Okpara gets the ‚Good Times‘ rolling

With various artist and number of house music scenes around the world the underground could be found through all the old school house heads, DJ’s and Ray Okpara is most definitely a veteran there!

Good-Times-Ray-Okpara“Good Times” which is Ray’s debut album out now on Mobilee, is a basy musical adventure.  The consistent and diverse base line will make every dance floor shake.

Okpara’s work is influenced strongly from his musical background.  His collaboration with Johnny D and Nick Curly back in the days of the legendary  “RAJO” parties in Mannheim, Germany, developed Ray’s solid love for house and created a strong musical inspiration.

Chicago house was a big part of his career development and influence as a DJ, which can be noticed in track number 12 “Chi This World Up” (remixed by Rodriguez Jr.).  The deepness and gentle funk is a perfect dance floor tool.  The album is different collaborations Ray had with friends stopping by his apartment to make some musical greatness and “Butterfly” feat. Katrin Cueruek is a wonderful example!  The female vocal is perfectly synchronized with melodic drums and simply beautiful.

The diversity of track selection is “Good Times” guaranteed!

Make sure you check out Ray Okpara’s début album “Good Times” out now on Mobilee!


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