Panorama Bar 03 mixed by Prosumer Ostgut Ton Cover

Prosumer > Panorama Bar 03

Prosumer is no unknown quantity anymore.

In 2005 he donated Playhouse a veritable hit with “The Craze” and led to the recognition that longing and lascivious house music with male vocals doesn’t necessarily have to come out of the holy trinity (Chicago, Detroit and New York) – although he would never deny his special love affair with these places and house.


Prosumer’s music (be is as producer and remixer with Murat Tepeli, Tama Sumo or on his own) and his DJ sets breathe autonomy and individuality as well as preserving the basic ethos of the founding fathers. He follows the primal credo of disco’s deified bastard: to jack the groove of all grooves. Whatever that may be.

Here you have his first officially available mix. Concurrently a document of Prosumer’s symbiotic relationship with the already legendary club, ‘Panorama Bar 03’ wraps all the things up that make Prosumer such an exceptional DJ. Seemingly without any effort, he connects songs and tracks from yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Tracks that follow the textbook example of house (DJ Duke’s tribute to Larry Heard) and tracks that need Prosumer’s touch to be identified as such (Lil Silva). Exclusive dubplates from his Panorama Bar fellow Steffi and Berlin’s hotshot Hunee meet well-placed and unreleased skyrockets from Soundstore, T.S.O.S. and Soundso. Theo Parrish jacks with the young and wild Morgan Geist, while secret matters from the Romanthony vaults (“The House Of God”) swing with a fantastic Jeff Mills in disguise (Servo Unique).

On top of it all, evergreens like the affirmative and uplifting “Music Take Me Up” by Mr. Fingers make you wonder why they haven’t got a place in house music’s pantheon. Another classic – at least for Prosumer and his beloved Panorama Bar shifts – is Oracy’s “Bass Mood” and I’s “L.T.B.C.Y.B.“ should certainly become one.

‘Panorama Bar 03’ is teeming with personal tracks that are perfectly in tune with each other and mixed without a false laptop bottom but much needed bravado instead. It just needs a little bit of stamina to create something worthwhile.

Prosumer’s steadfastness has already turned him into one of the most interesting DJs of our time. To quote QX-1: a love injection!


prosumer panorama bar 03Prosumer
Panorama Bar 03
Ostgut Ton, DE. (Distributed by Kompakt, DE.)









        • TRACKLIST – – – –
  1. Steffi – Sadness (exclusive)
  2. DJ Duke – Heard
  3. Hunee – A Leaf For Hand In Hand (exclusive)
  4. Soundso – Untitled (exclusive, previously unreleased)
  5. Theo Parrish – Twin Cities
  6. Morgan Geist – Current
  7. Romanthony – The House O‘ God
  8. Circulation – Sincerely (Creation Mix)
  9. Lil Silva – Pulse vs. Flex
  10. Soundstore – Take U (exclusive)
  11. J.T.Melody presents Tina René – Prove It (Instrumental)
  12. Fingers Inc – Music Take Me Up
  13. Oracy – Bass Mood
  14. i – L.T.B.C.Y.B.
  15. T.S.O.S – Over And Over (exclusive, previously unreleased)
  16. Servo Unique – Let’s Swing It
  17. QX-1 – Love Injection (Inject Me Love Mixx)