Pack your bag, Markus Schulz takes you on World Tour

It’s been the year in which DJ Times magazine readers voted Markus Schulz “America’s Best DJ”, the same year that his ‘Los Angeles’ compilation captured the moment another American metropolis went supernova and when ‘Scream’ hit a fourth artist album home run.

Markus_Schulz_World_TourNow Markus Schulz is taking you on tour! Recorded live throughout the year, his latest release ‘World Tour – Best Of 2012’ takes your from country to country and from club to club. Pack your bag, we are going around the world in 80 minutes!

Zooming in on one city, one big event and one dependably up-for-it crowd, he digitally captured his gigs for the monthly Global DJ Broadcast World Tour show. Catching every fader flip, every tweak of the treble and every reactive cheer, the World Tour sets get you there without stepping on a plane, giving you the chance to virtually visit a new club, feel its pulse and tune in to its atmosphere.

Schulz has taken this year’s defining tunes, recorded live throughout the year’s World Tour dates with the microphone levels turned right up, to create ‘The Best of World Tour 2012’. This release breaks through language barriers and the differing club cultures to unite the sounds of 11 different countries and 17 different cities.

Locking in every accented shout, whoop and roar from around the world, each tune at each club mixes seamlessly into the next. The result is one breath-taking, metropolis-by-metropolis, round-the-world tour. Markus Schulz’ ‘Best of World Tour 2012’ offers a remarkable listening experience, available since the 14th of December 2012.

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