Pirupa Material Series

Oldies EP by Pirupa out on Material Series

It’s hard to put out a release after a track of yours became a major crossover hit and smashed the dancefloors all over the world last season. A producer faces the challenge not to overshadow the previous success (because there are certain limits to any perfection), but to keep more or less the same quality level and not to fall too much behind. Piero Pirupa, the master of Italian tech-house, didn’t rest long on the laurels of his ubiquitous “Party Non Stop” and last year released one more single, “Distressing Dreams”. Now the time has come for “Oldies EP” on Mihalis Safras‘ imprint Material Series.

Pirupa-Material-Series“Past Stuff”, the first track, is forceful and loud. It goes like a train on the rails, repeating the same rhythmical structures with hardly any development. We have heard the prescription applied in “Party Non Stop”, but the latter boasted some catchy lyrics in addition. Here in the new piece two breakdowns with phone-esque samples bring in some variety, but apart from this there isn’t actually much going on. The track has a definite potential to cause a noticeable stir on the dancefloor, but what fits the club might seem dullish to a stationary listener.

The second track, “Oldies”, produced in collaboration with EdOne, is a bit more fanciful. It might be quite appealing for underground folk – especially till the 2nd minute, when some slight shrillness steps in. The construction set “Oldies” was made from offered its authors more details to chose – but again, it’s a pure dancefloor story where the repetition without any striking elaboration is a merit rather than a sign of the lack of inventiveness.

Pirupa is good at coining crossover hits. Now he is killing 2 birds with his new EP: pays courtesy to the old-school house aesthetic and doesn’t disappoint those who got to know him last summer due to the track which name is no need to mention once again.

Oldies EP
Material Series 047
Release Date: 7th January