Nick Curly >> Between The Lines

In the last three years Mannheim became Germany’s melting pot for fresh and innovative electronic music. A new generation of producers and DJs appeared on the scene and created the „House Sound of Mannheim“. One of the most important figures of this collective is Nick Curly. He already had releases on famous labels like Cocoon Recordings or Plastic City and also did the Cocoon Party Animals Mix-Compilation in 2010.

Between The Lines Album Cover Nick Curly

We also know Nick as  one of the residents of the legendary Space Club in Ibiza where clubbers from all over globe come to listen and to dance to his music. Furthermore Nick has been voted one of the Top10 international DJs at the PARTYSAN POLL & AWARD 2011 by more than 32.000 people. Now the time has come for his first artist album, which logically will be released on Nick’s own label Cécille Records.

Nick Curly leads the listeners through a rambling cosmos of house music. After the opener “Inside My Head” the journey starts with the deep and floating “Eastern Curve”, which is dominated by the beats and especially the soft-spoken vocals. Afterwards the album accelerates more and more. The beats are getting faster and the songs become more and more addicted to the dancefloor.

Nick Curly builds a perfect bridge between modern, machine based studio work and the use of real instruments and real singers. Good examples for this are “You Don’t Have To Hopp” and “Underground”, in which he perfectly combines the use of percussions with the programmed beats of his studio. The whole album is a great experience for all house lovers, who are open minded for modern, deep house tunes, which work both, at home on a Sunday afternoon and in the club.

Nick Curly is playing at the upcoming Time Warp festival in Mannheim taking place the 31st March 2012. For more info and full line up about Time Warp Mannheim – click here.

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