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Matthias TanzmannMatthias Tanzmann crafts fabric 65 into a chunky and mesmerizing episode of the definitive compilation series. Featuring classics (Silicone Soul ‘Right On, Right On’ Tanzmann remix) alongside current cuts (Maya Jane Coles ‘Not Listening’) entwined together in his own unique style, the mix is an insight into a longstanding hero of the house music community.

“The first records I bought were 90s techno from German labels like Harthouse or EyeQ. Later in the mid 90s I discovered house when I listened to stuff like St. Germain ‘Boulevard’ or Matthew Herbert´s ‘Around The House’. Especially listening to Matthew Herbert performing live with Dani Siciliano – that blew my mind.”

Tanzmann embeds elements from these influences into his own musical personality. An atmospheric mix, it retains a solid drive throughout from the steady pace of Monkey Maffia’s deep and melodic ‘Sources From The Past’ to the mischievious groove of ’Butt’ from Jeff Moore & Jamie Lie A Kwie. Gathering speed as the story unfolds into the hypnotic and sultry tones of Alexis Cabrera’s ‘Everything’ before the percussive explosion of Just Be’s ‘Rain Come Down’ makes a climactic end.

“fabric is one of the greatest clubs with one of the best sound systems in the world. Playing there to me is always a pleasure and honour and compiling a CD even more. In my mix I wanted to show music that touches me right now, and at the same time won’t be so popular that it will be out of fashion after this year. I would like the CD to be enjoyable for many years to come.”

Tanzmann grew up in Leipzig, Germany during the time the Berlin Wall came down. His early years saw massive political upheaval around him and so the rawness of electronic music easily took hold of him while still at school. During his studies he began various ventures into production and started his infamous Moon Harbour record label twelve years ago, long before Berlin was an epicenter for house and techno music. His second imprint Cargo Edition was started six years later around the time he was asked to be a resident at Circo Loco DC10 Ibiza, a title he still retains. A true professional in a world of excess, Tanzmann remains one of the pioneers of his sound yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Matthias Tanzmann - 'fabric65' Fabric (fabric129) Release Date: Monday August 20th, 2012Matthias Tanzmann – ‚fabric65‘
Fabric (fabric129)
Release Date: Monday August 20th, 2012








Minimono – Venus [Cargo Edition]
Clockwork & Avatism – One Trick Pony [Dumb Unit]
Monkey Maffia – Sources From The Past [Freude am Tanzen]
Maya Jane Coles – Not Listening [DJ Kicks]
Matthias Tanzmann – Konoa [Moon Harbour]
Shenoda – The Question [Hypercolour]
Davide Squillace feat. Alex Nazar – Do Somebody [This And That]
Jeff Moore & Jamie Lie A Kwie – Butt [EC / N.E.W.S.]
Silicone Soul – Right On, Right On (Matthias Tanzmann Remix) [Soma]
Guido Schneider & Florian Schirmacher – In The Toilette (Philip Bader Remix) [Moon Harbour]
Alexis Cabrera – Everything [Mindshake]
MFD – MFD 1.3 [MFD Records]
Just Be – Rain Come Down [Maison D’Etre]