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2011.01.08 Marco CarolaMit seinem neuen Album bringt Marco Carola seinen ersten Longplayer seit acht Jahren in die Läden. Bis 2003 gab es vier Alben in relativ kurzer Zeit, das letzte „Open System“ erschien auf Zenit.





„Inspiration changes a lot,“ erzählt der international schwer gebuchte DJ . „When I was a kid, I was inspired by other people’s productions, and today I’m more inspired by the energy of evolving. I’m really passionate about the progress of music. I listen to all of the promos that I get sent because I look and search for something that’s new to me. For me, music is still all of my passion. I don’t really do many other things – I don’t run a label, and I don’t have people working for me because I don’t want to use up the time that should be spent on music. And I think that’s the reason that I’m always looking for something new: to expand even more.“

Mit Play it Loud! sammelt der altgediente italienische Haudegen nicht wie bei vielen Kollegen üblich die Tracks der vergangenen Releases zu einem Longplayer, sondern veröffentlichte 10 unveröffentlichte Tracks in einem sauberen trockenen durchgehenden Minimal DJ Mix.

Wie ein typisches Carola Set blenden die einzelnen Stücke perfekt ineinander und es ist kaum auszumachen, wo in diesem Dauer Stomper welches Stück anfängt und welches wo aufhört.

Das Konzept eines Mix-Albums erklärt er so: „I had the concept of creating an album of new music that’s also a mix CD, because that’s the way I produce. I was born as a DJ, so most of my productions were made for DJs. It wouldn’t make sense, to me, to produce an album with single tracks, because those tracks were created to be mixed, in a way. For me, that’s the way it should be with my art form: it’s an expression of everything I am, as a producer and a DJ. I put the energy into what I can do best, and I made this in the way I am; in the way I’m playing and the way I like my music. I made this album to do one thing: to enjoy the passion I have for music, without making any compromises. I was really focusing on what I could create, and Minus gave me a free opportunity to do that with no restriction.“

Mit der frischen Idee eines Mix Albums macht Carola genau sein Ding. Atmosphäre, Passion und vor allem Lautstärke:
„I called it ‚Play It Loud!‘ because I think my music is based a lot on the groove and the bassline. I don’t think I ever play a record if it doesn’t have a bassline. So I think the way this album makes most sense is when you actually play it on a big soundsystem. Something like an iPod speakers won’t probably make much sense of it. This is just my opinion of how the album should be played: loud! The energy of the music is for that.“


2011.01.08 minus106cd Marco Carola Play it loud

Artist/Title: Marco Carola | Play It Loud!
Catalogue No.: MINUS106
Label: Minus
Format: CD, MP3, WAV
Distribution: Rough Trade / Beatport /
Release Date: February 28th, 2011