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Macao Cafe Music – Compile your personalized chill-out CD

Macao Cafe Music is a record label based in Ibiza, focussing on beautiful chill-out and ambient music. Looking back on more than 10 years of releases, the label is now offering the possibility to put together your own collection of tracks directly on the website. In an easy and simple way you can choose from various releases and download a personalized compilation.

Macao Café Music Ibiza

The new online store is as well offering a big number of old physical CDs which have been released on the label in the past. Go to the Macao Cafe Music homepage and search for what your are looking for.

We asked A&R Barbel Schonmeier to explain in a few words what the record label stands for:

What is the philosophy of Macao Cafe Music?
To give well-known as well as promising new artists a platform where they can present their personal interpretation of the spirit of Ibiza.

Macao Café Music IbizaWhen did you start the project and what was the first release?
We started in 2000 with the compilation P.S.O.I., a project that was an experiment of different influences, from Latin guitars to electro lounge.

How many albums have been released since then?
Until today we produced 11 CDs that vary from lounge-compilations to single-artist-albums.

What is important for you when you choose tracks or artists?
Their work must be characteristic in style and/or performance, and it must reflect the disparate feeling of the island.

For which situations is it the perfect music and which mood does it create?
To lounge and chill, to relax and reflect, to enjoy the people and scenery at (beach-) bars, restaurants. It emphasizes a relaxed and sensuous and exhilarating mood. The new work with deep house and nu-disco also animate some dancing moves.

What is the relation between the label and Ibiza?
It has been started by patrons of the former Macao Cafe Restaurant in the harbour of Ibiza-town and every artist is either living or has benefit from spending a great time on the island.

Where can people acquire the CDs physically on the island?
Only by getting in contact with us directly or through the website.

Which features offers the new online store?
You can order physical CDs, listen to samples, download any track, watch videos underlined with our music, download the new Macao Cafe Music application for your phone, or compile your own CD.