Interview with our favourite schizophrenic Maceo Plex

Interview with our favourite schizophrenic Maceo Plex

Whether as Maceo Plex or as his Techno alter-ego Maetrik: Eric Estornel always stands for new, creative sound-visions. At the DJ Awards 2012 our favourite schizophrenic could win the ‚Deep House‘ Award. Here he tells us what he thinks about it.

You have been nominated in the “DEEP HOUSE” Category at the DJ Awards, how will you celebrate if you win? Go To Disneyland!  No seriously I would celebrate with my dearest friends and family.  I think it would be special to win something.  I’ve never won any awards, and winning an award for something I work so hard at is definitely worth celebrating.

Interview with our favourite schizophrenic Maceo PlexThe DJ Awards have some special awards not voted for by the public – one of which is “Track of the Season” what is your prediction on the track that will blast the dancefloors? That’s difficult for even myself.  I’d like to say something that I wrote, but the reality is there are so many good tracks by so many talented artists there’s no way of truly predicting.  I’ll say that something deep and sexy usually takes it home!

A new DJ Award category this year is for “Electronic Live Performance”, who do you think should recieve this? I am super happy that Live artists will be recognized this year.  My favorites are Azari III, Guy Gerber, and Laurent Garnier.  So I hope one of them wins of course, but you’ve chosen the best nominees possible.  Anybody could win.

What has been your most memorable gig so far this year? The first time I closed the Terrace at DC10 for Circoloco.  Since that first time I’ve closed the Terrace three times total, and it’s always the same special feeling.  Can’t forget about P Diddy going mental behind me in the DJ booth.  That’s so weird and crazy to see.

The genres of music are continually evolving, what’s your prediction for the next new thing on the musical block in 2012? „Music gets deeper, darker, weirder“ is what i always like to say.  I think the house music scene especially is going through a huge change.  It was getting more Pop and disco, but now I’m seeing it getting darker and more jacking.

Out of all the tunes you have, which one never fails? ‚Stay High Baby‘ never fails.  Also my new ones ‚Love Somebody Else‘, and ‚Future Musik‘ have been killing it for me lately!

If you would like to pick anyone, whether its a musician, producer, singer or artist to work with, who would it be? Georgio Moroder or Vangelis.  I would learn so so so much!

Which piece of music equipment could you not live without? My Macbook of course.  But as far as outboard gear goes: My SH-101 for sure!!!

If you had 24 hours off in Ibiza, what would you do? I’d love to say be on the beach relaxing, but let’s get real, I’d probably party some more.

If you had a time machine what year would you go back to and why? I’d go back to 2008 and give my best friend Dexter a hug goodbye.

The 15th edition of the DJ AWARDS is taking place on Tuesday, September 25th at Pacha Ibiza.