First release on Blood Records

To be cool means participating in the underground and the two Italians Pabie and Ricardo are following this attitude with their new label Blood Records.

Blood Records

The duo mostly known as “AKA.SO” has been working hard the last few years to provide Europe with quality in sound. Pabie and Ricardo are both veterans in mixing, throwing parties and making people dance in well-established parties throughout Italy and beyond. With years of experience behind, tons of vinyl collection and a huge Detroit and Chicago techno and house influence, the duo has come together under the umbrella of Blood Records, ready to get young and eager new coming artists on board.

Pabie and Ricardo’s first label releases are called simply A1-Blood#001 and B1-Blood#001, which have a strong Detroit techno sound. The drum machines incorporated with the bass kick and techy vibe are a great peak time dance floor cruncher. Both tracks are strong and perfectly constructed for that midnight boogie that makes you want more. The light vocal break on A1-BLOOD#001 is a fun way to inspire the crowd.

Pabie is one of the most charismatic names in the underground, actually, who doesn’t know the name of Pabie in the underground club circus? He began in 2000 with his first turntables and started to collect vinyl records of all kinds. Now his taste in music is supreme. In his sets he is taking you on a journey from classic house music to dub and techno. A couple of years ago Pabie started producing his own experimental tracks without frontiers: “Everything that blows up the dance floor is ok for me.”

Pabie’s partner in the AKA.SO duo, Ricardo, is contributing with his various flavours of club music, from techno to deep and house. Fascinated in nightlife Ricardo started his career as a DJ playing at numerous private and open air parties in his home town Milan like Belle Epoque, Wormhole, Trust Me!, Beat-Bar, the Ministry of Sound events in Milan, Soft, House Motion, Bassline Underground, Body Language, Lift, the Milan Mayday street parade, Gloss Club, and his own Morphine parties launched in 2010. Ricardo’s productions are inspired by underground sounds from every corner of the planet, ranging from techno, Detroit house, neo-Detroit to tech-house, Chicago old-school, downtempo and deep house.

Make sure you keep an eye on music coming out on Blood Records and to follow Pabie and Ricardo aka “AKA.SO” on their upcoming tour dates.

Blood Records tracks on Youtube:

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