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D’julz Is Back With More Madness!

Another Frenchie has been rising on the horizon through the years!  According to TheDJList, D’julz started his career in 1992. He quickly got a personal style that turned him into one of the leading French DJs. His music is at the cross of house and techno with tribal, dub, funk and breakbeat influences. D’julz sets demonstrate mixing skills and eclecticism – the hallmark of any big DJ.

Humbled yet strong musician, D’julz has gained global respect through his skills and musical expertise.  Strongly influencing the industry through his sound in the last decade, yet staying true to the music he loves, D’julz always finds a way to express the joy and passion for music in his productions.

D’julz’s affection for music and strong basslines gave birth to the classic hit “Da Madness”, released a few years back on his own record label, Bass Culture.  The track became instant hit back in the day and is one of those bombs, which you can always observe in a DJ set from artists around the globe.  Bringing back this classic for some refreshing new remixes, D’julz prepared an EP dedicated to the “Da Madness” with the help of some major players in the music game.  The four tracks EP, is an exciting combination between D’julz, Doc Martin, The Martinez Brothers, and Rolando, mixing the past and present and polishing this oldie through the artists remixes with a fresh kick for the upcoming summer.

Rolando’s version of “Da Madness” reflects his Detroit background with a strong techno influence and a spunky analogue bassline, perfectly synchronized claps in the background, combined with the Jamaican vocal, make this remix the ideal dance floor bomber.

Doc Martin on the contrary, makes his mark with a deeper high tense version.  The progressively increasing basslines accompanied by a saxophone ring, give the remix an uplifting finish.  The young New York of The Martinez Brothers team up with French producer Phil Weeks for a different version of “Da Madness”.

Another remix of the old classic introducing a stable bassline with high energy levels and a couple of bass drops underlining The Martinez Brothers signature sound.   Last but not least, D’julz steps in to polish his masterpiece with a sexier, more soulful remix.  The extended vocal, slower tempo, and skillful percussion make a perfect finish of the “Da Madness”, proving Bass Culture’s growing reputation for quality in sound.