DJ Hell – The DJ feat. P. Diddy. Motherfucker plays a 4 minute version

dj-hell-p_diddy_dc10The latest single taken from the much lauded ‚Teufelswerk‘ long player sees Hell ‚hooking-up‘ once more with hip-hop superstar P. Diddy for the freestyle jack-track ‚The DJ‘. The pair worked together before on ‚Let’s Get Ill‘ and ‚Check This‘, creating two classic dance floor hits. But, for ‚The DJ‘ these two masters wanted to set the techno world straight and send a very clear message ‚to the mother fucker plays a 4 minute version.‘ That you ‚can’t get even get into your thing with a 4 minute version.‘ With this in mind Hell is very pleased to present his latest single ‚The DJ feat. P. Diddy; one original track, four remixes, over one hour of music! So yes, „This goes out to all the mother fuckers that like 15-20 minute versions of a mother fucking record.“

Many of us might wonder what sort of position P. Diddy has commenting on the state of clubs and the forgotten art of playing the full version of a record. This is a man whose own production work with mega-stars such as Notorious BIG redefined East Coast Hip Hop. But for those in the know P. Diddy is no stranger to clubland. Hell himself describes P. Diddy as a man who „knows about techno music… When he was a kid he was going to the Sound Factory to see Junior Vasquez“.

In the higher-echelons of Dance Music history this was a very important time for US ‚Rave‘ culture, much like the European Halcyon Rave days of the early 90’s. The most striking difference being that, as with all great New York clubs from the Paradise Garage to Sound Factory, these parties went on for days and so did the records. But more recently P. Diddy has been ubiquitous in club culture, from Partying with Hell and Claude Von Stroke and Felix Da Housecat in Miami to tearing it up in Ibiza …

P. Diddy has a privileged position, in that he was there then when the art of playing the long version was at its peak and he is here now, a time where blog culture and Rock Star have-a-go DJs line-up en-mass to play low bit-rate MP3s.

As an internationally revered performer, Hell knows a thing or two about DJing and with his recent releases we see a definite shift towards lengthy mixes. On his long player ‚Teufelswerk‘, two of the poppiest moments clock in at nine+ minutes. The last single to be released from this album, ‚Hells Kitchen‘ featured an 18-minute remix from Playgroup aka. Trevor Jackson.

But nothing prepared Gigolo for the package we have here: five tracks, 60+ minutes of music with the Radio Slave mix weighing in at a colossal 28 minutes. Speaking to Resident Advisor Matt Edwards aka Radio Slave said „I’m down with the 20 minute versions! I’m also into DJs playing the whole record! Most producers still make records with a start and an end… I actually wanted to do a 60-minute version and my friend Tom Gandey (Cagedbaby) recorded a lot of piano parts in Bordeaux, which I used in the last 10 minutes… So I guess I just let the track do its thing. I played about 25 minutes at Fabric and it definitely wasn’t boring!“

This seems to be an understatement; the next time Radio Slave would play this record would be the following Monday at Cocoon in Ibiza, in the presence of one Pete Tong! So impressed was Tongy that he played it the following week on his BBC Radio 1 ‚In New Music We Trust‘ show in the Big Three section. But this is not the first time the record has been played on Pete Tong’s Radio 1 show. In fact the original was played by the man himself and also guest DJ Laurent Garnier for the Essential Mix. So it is fair to say that this record is already pretty Hot with most big name DJs!

Speaking about his collaboration Hell has said that P. Diddy „is a provocateur and he likes to do his own thing but at the same time he is a genius business guy… I was doing some music for him and like he said ‚You do something for me and I’ll do something for you.‘ I’m very pleased he let me release that song and he’s even dissing the DJs on it – you know the crowd pleaser DJs.“ Which makes you wonder how Hell approached the Remix selection and whether this selection is sympathetic towards the message of the record?

This is a question that might never be answered, because Hells approach was very straight forward, he wanted the very best DJs to remix what he sees as a track by a DJ for the DJs. As such the only way to approach this was to send a personal message to each collaborator/remixer. The response was the package. Paul Woolford, Deetron, Jay Haze, Sis and Radio Slave, all presenting diverse remixes that take the original vocal as the lead.

Formats are still being discussed over at Gigolo HQ, but ideas so far include a E2-E4 style vinyl release for the Radio Slave mix, which will see it presented across two sides of a Long Playing vinyl. Another vinyl release is penned strictly for DJs, and then two separate digital packages, which include a Clean Version of the original by DJ Hell and producer &ME. On the subject of this clean version Hell was quoted in the UK Web-zine The Quietus as saying „I was told I would have to clean this song before I could release it in America and I didn’t know what they meant. But they mean to cut the swearing out; which is funny because I don’t need to worry in Germany. In Germany I can say ‚motherfucker‘.“

But with such growing anticipation from every corner of the globe Hell stepped up and bleeped his way through P. Diddy’s profanities. The result is a 9-minute blooper that has all the energy of the original with an added humor synonymous with DJ Hell. On that note we will let you enjoy the ride.

DJ Hell feat. P. Diddy. Motherfucker plays a 4 minute version.

DJ Hell – The DJ feat. P. Diddy
Release date 28th September 2009
International Deejay Gigolo Recordings








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