Detroit Techno made in France released in Germany

The latest release of the german label Parquet Recordings affirms again its french-german friendship. The homebase Lille seems to be tied to Detroit: The guys are playing with the blue side of melodic Techno and on top of that they are gambling with words.

The Release of Maverickz and Clawz SG includes two melodic Techno Tracks enriched by a deep bluesy mood. From the very first beginning Obivous states a clear direction: A fat warm kick softly enveloped by light synths and tender clicks. Following the tradition well-known sounds taking part step by step, each one forming its own groove. The shambling and lovely blubbering dark Synths are defining the bluesy melody, distorted again and again by heartbreaking sobs.  We call it Techno, obviously Detroit Techno. Obvious nothing really new but definitely a masterpiece.

In general the so called A-side is the better one but in this case the second track Abyss is hitting all expectation: The warm driving beat is surrounded by groovy percussions and little bells are lovely ringing around the warm melody of analog organs. The orchestra of sounds grows up to an heroic monumental peak: It’s like standing on the rocks spreading your arms like wings. Like life after a peak or down the track goes on and on, close to the end the big fat bells ring a Dingdong. For me it feels more energizing than finishing. Abyss also means infinity and well, the movie Abyss also plays with the definition: the deep blue sea confesses the spiritual abyss but also infinite of being. However I’m feeling deep down in front of these unbelievable beautiful flourescent witch who incarnates the infinity of our souls in a very enlightening way. Awesome!

As stated before there seems to be a special link between Lille and Detroit. The dark guy Terence Fixmer is based in Lille. Maverickz usually stands for the melodic techno style with a slight bluesy touch. His debut Sinners at Parquet with his mate John Sparks, also based in Lille, showed a clear direction to what’s coming up now. His actual partner Clawz SG obviously seems to celebrate his debut, his name haven’t appeared yet at the electronic music scene. Who knews neither how to pronounce the obvious alias nor about any other appearances of this guy. What we know: He’s based in Lille, France, loves electronic music, especially the stuff from Germany. Obviously the stuff out of the Berlin-Detroit connection. What a debut!

Last but not least we know that Obvious & Abyss was released on 30.06.2014 as Beatport Exclusive, from 14.07.2014 on available at all stores. How about the date July 14th.? Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité ou la mort…225 Years are a little infinity, the revolution a monumental peak, the Guillotine….Stop! It’s time for raving…: