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He’s Back! Danny Tenaglia returns with his first compilation in 6 years, reinforced by a brand new single and his first ever Ibiza residence at Space… After a six-year hiatus from releasing compilations, Danny Tenaglia returns with the 2xCD compilation, ‘Futurism’.


Long before the Ableton revolution Tenaglia was renowned for his unique sets where samples from various records were frequently interwoven throughout, layered atop his trademark sound, a twisted (often marathon) voyage across the many genres of house and techno. “If you think of the word ‘techno’”, Danny humbly elaborates, “It’s just short for technology. What were Kraftwerk doing? What was Larry Levan doing up in the booth with reel-to-reel and reverb? They were being experimental.”

‘Futurism’ perfectly captures this pioneering, bespoke approach whilst – as the title suggests – drawing on the contemporary cream of the production world. Minimal tech grooves from the likes of Shinedoe, Luca Bacchetti and Davide Squillace sit alongside the undiscovered, disembodied vocals of DJ Mosoga’s ‘Tiir’ and the surrealist funk of the Wighnomy Brothers, whilst the magic Tenaglia signature can be found on the five (count ‘em) exclusive edits of Ultra Nate, Guillaume & The Couto Dumonts Silent Servant and Phase.

Plus, as if this weren’t enough to whet the whistle of anticipation, there’s a myriad of additional FX and loops to discover, as Danny confirms, “All tracks on the compilation have been, in one way or another, changed from their original form by adding or subtracting elements in classic ‘DT style’.” And, if there were still any doubt about the authorship, don’t forget the two versions of Danny’s brand new single, ‘The Space Dance’, which fittingly close each mix.

All in all – a very special, timeless album.

To coincide with the comp’ Danny will be touring Europe throughout summer and playing Space, Ibiza every Thursday, his first ever Balearic residence.

You can also catch him at Renaissance’s Wild In The Country as he makes his first UK festival appearance in six years…

Ladies and Gentleman – it’s going to be a very Tenaglia Summer!

Danny Tenaglia FuturismDanny Tenaglia

CD One
01 Yello – Indigo Bay
02 R.T.A. – Metaphysical Vibe
03 Afefe Iku – Bodydrummin‘
04 Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts – Can’t Cheat With Concrete
05 Jitzu & Sire G – Cyclette
06 Wighnomy Brothers – Hankkofloppe
07 DJ Msoga – Tiir – (Burchan’s Bomb)
08 Magik Johnson – Asylum Sneaker
09 Luca Bacchetti – Rolling Brooklyn
10 Shinedoe – Filthy Phunk
11 GummiHz – Desire
12 Bumpin‘ Ugly – Work Me
13 Mastiksoul – Emergency
14 Danny Tenaglia – The Space Dance

CD Two
01 Fred Giannelli – Mid Life Crisis
02 PuNto – 3Tempo3
03 Silent Servant – Murder Murder (Burch Bomb 2)
04 Phase – Morodem
05 Gel Abril – Your Face Is A Mess
06 Dave Angel – Mothership Pt. 1
07 Daniel D – Beatific
08 Davide Squillace – I Meant To Be Sharp
09 Hertz – Big Bang
10 Joris Voorn – No Revolution
11 Peter Horrevorts – Birth
12 Ultra Nate – Twisted (Got Me Goin’ Round)
13 Andreas Heiszenberger – Perfect Moment
14 Danny Tenaglia – The Space Dance Vox