Welcome to our new dressed up! My first music feature is dedicated to Clawz SG and his EP Quasar on Inlab Recordings.

First about the Release itself: It’s a traditional four track EP with Quasar, Forgotten Worlds and Eye of Hours as original versions and a remix version of Eye of Hours by the french Duo We Need Cracks.

The style is what’s called typically German Techno: Melodic Techno with a more or less bluesy touch. Indeed this kind of sound is quite popular at the moment but with this one Inlab surprised us with a very special one of that kind: Even as background music you can’t ignore the special arrangements and details.

Within the genre Clawz SG proves again his wide range in technical skills and also in creativity: First playing arounds with LFO and friends requires not a master title but staging a track by LFO to result Quasar isn’t available as youtube tutorial. Breathing bluesy gloom into a smooth track while spreading a cosy atmosphere as well as the arrangements of the small but powerful breaks in Forgotten Worlds is definitely not beginner level.

With their remix the french guys from We Need Cracks created a wonderful sentimental mood on Eyes of Horus, the strings, little bells and jingles couldn’t match better to christmas time.

Parquet082Maverickz:Clawz SGThe artist Clawz SG from the french nothern town Lille was already introduced in our feature of his release with Maverikz Abyss /Obvious on Parquet. Like Clawz SG the remixers We Need Cracks from south france belong to the actual newcomer scene. Their first releases were on the german label Traumschallplatten and that’s exactly the sound of this EP. Not that big surprise that Clawz SG appears as remixer on the upcoming We Need Cracks on Traumschallplatten early January, isn’t it?

No doubt the release itself is a pretty good reason for the feature but it’s not finished yet:

It’s also the meaning of Quasars (Wikipedia): A quasar or quasi-stellar radio source is the kernel of an active galaxy, they are extremely luminous, highly energetic and contain a very broad emission line. Or simply A Shining Star.

Last but not least it’s about Clawz SG himself: He’s a best practise for „make it happen“. Even in today’s electronic music business it’s not just an mission: impossible for „No Names“ to get a contract at a well known label. Whereever you come from, whatever you did before, however you’re aged: If you are really willing, talented and skilled you will make it happen.

The quasar stands for what’s really about: Your power from within. Not just a flash in the pan but sustaining passion for the things you do. Go for it!

Artist’s impression of the quasar 3C 279