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Underground Ibiza

Experience the real Ibicenco underground! Located in the shade of the two San Rafael mega clubs – Amnesia and Privilege – lies one of the best kept clubbing secrets of the island, Ibiza Underground. Many clubbers spend years of visiting Ibiza before they get to go to the „U“ for the first time. The fact that the club is a bit hidden,  the way to get there isn’t the most obvious, and that there is no publicity out at all, is all beneficiary to the club’s intimate atmosphere.


A very local place
Underground has been a meeting place for locals and workers for years already. Loads of Ibiza summer season people go to Underground for their drink after they finish work at night. The club opens at midnight, but is well-known for being the latest one getting really busy, especially because many workers only finish at around 2 or 3am.

Underground is a beautiful and very typical countryside Ibicenco finca, with trademark white walls, a lush open air chill out garden (and bar) and a beautiful inside bar and club. Actually, to many punters Underground’s bar is like their living room at home. Outside in the garden and inside in the bar, the vibe is always very local, friendly and familiar. Then, of course, there is the dancefloor for those not only wanting to sip on their glass of Hierbas…

Underground Ibiza

Musically advanced
Speaking about the sound of Underground, the club is not boasting any big name DJs on flashy billboards, but scores with their simple, but very effective formula: put your residents, add some local Ibiza fresh blood and get the odd international talent / act to play. And most importantly – make hardly any promotion for your nights.

In Ibiza you will never find any posters or big billboards for Underground. Their line-ups only filter through word-of-mouth, a little bit on Facebook and some scarce SMS text messages. And this is actually Nik’s and Juanito’s key to success on one hand, and to keep the place the way it is on the other hand. A bit of an insider thing and at the same time absolutely open-minded to holidaymakers as well. Undergound may not be packed every night during the whole summer (which is actually nice), but one thing is for sure: you’ll always get quality underground music at Underground.

And one more thing: Mostly the entry is either free or you just pay your first drink at the door. There are really enough reasons to go and search for the “U”.

Underground Ibiza