Time Warp Mannheim 2012 – When visions become reality

There are only a few weeks until Time Warp Mannheim 2012! Besides of the having the usual suspects on the line up as monster headliners such as Sven Väth, Richie Hawtin, Carl Cox and Laurent Garnier, Time Warp also provides many surprises. „Transitions“ host John Digweed will be there for the first time, and the No. 1 of the current Resident Advisor poll, Jamie Jones. Nick Curly is back2back with Mathias Kaden, introducing his debut album „Between the Lines“.

Also production-wise Time Warp guests can expect a unique experience. Complex lighting, an amazing video setup and the latest in 3D technology will be used for the show.

Time Warp MannheimAfter spectacular raves in Italy and Holland, the focus of Time Fans now agains shifts to Mannheim, in the South of Germany. It took only one week until the Limited Early Bird Tickets for the first Time Warp in 2012 were sold. Now is starting the run on the regular tickets. Little surprising: The line up is massive, and the set up of the arenas is world-class.

Saturday, 31 of March 2012, will mark an historical day in the agenda of techno fans from around the world. A unique experience and a breathtaking combination of music, light and emotions is waiting for them. Since the mid-nineties Time Warp has changed but is still one of the most important meeting places for the electronic Time Warp Mannheimmusic scene, because ever since it has been a platform for new and established sounds and trends.

The international audiences not only comes to see the headliners as Sven Väth, Richie Hawtin and Carl Cox, but also the new discoveries of the last years as the Vision Quest crew around Seth Troxler, or Jamie Jones who this year is facing his Time Warp debut. More than 40 acts are getting ready to let the audience experience an unforgettable party marathon.


Time Warp Mannheim 2012
Saturday 31/03/2012
Maimarkthalle, Mannheim, Germany

All DJs: Sven Väth, Richie Hawtin, Carl Cox, Ricardo Villalobos, Loco Dice, Marco Carola, Dubfire, Adam Beyer, Chris Liebing, DJ Rush, Kevin Saunderson, John Digweed, Magda, Monika Kruse, Karotte, Jamie Jones, Visionquest (Ryan Crosson, Shaun Reeves, Seth Troxler), Steve Lawler, Marcel Dettmann, Ben Klock, Paco Osuna, Mathias Kaden b2b Nick Curly, Davide Squillace, Pan-Pot, tINI, Robert Dietz, Dorian Paic, Felix Kröcher, Seebase, Federico Molinari, Steffen Baumann, Sasch BBC, Steffen Deux, Lautleise

Live Acts: Laurent Garnier pres. L.B.S., Extrawelt, AKA AKA feat. Thalstroem, Paul Ritch, Guti, Hobo

Tickets & Information: www.time-warp.de

You can win 2 x 2 tickets leaving a comment below this article. The winners will be announced by the beginning of March 2012.

YOU ARE PARTYSAN! You want to see your name on the PARTYSAN Wall of Fame? You would like to review this one and other events for us?


The winner of the first pair of tickets is:

Vanessa (nickname) with the comment: I WILL BRING THE SUN IF YOU INVITE MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!

The next winner will be announced in the next 3 hours.

The winner of the second pair of tickets is:

Steven Boer (nickname) with the comment: I was at Time Warp Holland 2011 and it was by far the best indoor party i went too in 2011!!! Would be awsome to go to Mannheim aswell :)!!!
Party on!!

131 Responses

  1. Balan Alexandru Nicolae

    This is one hell of a party wich i wanna participate . I like the thing that John Digweed will play for his first time i like his style .

  2. Georg

    I want to win the tickets.
    Would come from north-germany, my brother from south-germany 🙂

  3. Hugh Flynn

    since becoming a student i havent been able to holiday never mind party,been to the holland one but never the german one so would be nice to win and party

  4. Renz man

    I would love a ticket for timewarp, always the best line up in the world. It’s as if every DJ you want to hear spinning records is there! It’s about time i visited TW mannheim!

  5. lg gaume

    que dire de cet evenement…c’est un truc de ouff,,,enorme, good event….le son est pure

  6. Simon Weber

    Like last Year it will be a fantastic night. Hope to win, so I can see all my favourite djs at one festival

  7. MXPXX


    Best FESTIVAL in Germany !!!

    AMAZING LINEUP this Year !!!!

    WIN WIN WIN !!

  8. Massimo Lo Bianco

    finally reviewing the names that have shaped the history of this party as a dj rush, and you see great new entry in the scene as the Berlin duo Ben Klock – Marcel Dettmann, there will be fun.

  9. Lukasverdoodt

    Free party tickets FTW! Last year was awesome and has to be repeated! Also very excited by the visit of jamie jones! Belgium represent!

  10. firewalker76

    I can hardly wait, the lineup can not actually topped!
    ….. dancing with a smile …. happy 🙂

  11. Ben

    si! I really want to BE at this party – the best of the best mixologists – I’m listening to now.. por favor! is it legal to have all those names under the same roof??

  12. Carina

    I would really love to be there!!!
    This is an amazing party, it’s fucking great and I don‘ want to miss this!!!

  13. Lucy Myler

    Time Warp = PERFECTION! What an unbelievable event. Would sell a limb to be back there this year, with yet another ridiculous line up!

  14. Grace Wilson

    I neeeeed to win!! missed the last because of a broken ankle… this would make everything better 🙂 Thankyouplease

  15. Tom Ford

    ALL THE FAMILY IS THERE !!! MARCO, PACO, LOCO, RICHIE… I’d die to go there one more time !! last year was ATOPISSIMO !!!! Team Warp you’re the best !!!

  16. Alberto Morosi

    I have already participated in two large edition of Time Warp in Mannheim and I would be really happy to win the tiket to participate again. In particular I would like to hear Jamie Jones that made ​​us dance like crazy this summer in Ibiza and has climbed the rankings of Resident Advisor!

  17. Véro

    Terrific Incredible Magic Electric
    Wicked Atope Rave Party. !!! thanks for the best dream i ever had !!

  18. AnnSophie Debleu

    my top 10 dj’s will all be there! this is just a once in lifetime opportunity!!!!!

  19. Diego

    Who’s missing this, really?
    Maybe they don’t know about it.

    I’m waiting at the doors NOW!! With 2 calendars counting the days! Where do I get the tickets? What time do they open the doors? Why is it taking soooo long to start!!

  20. Bas Bijl

    I’d love to be here! Time Warp Holland was so freakin awesome and i’m wondering how it’ll be in Mannheim! Would be more then welcome to make the trip to mannheim for this amazing event!

  21. Malo

    was there last time and of course that was an out of this world gig !

    make sure i’ll be there for the next and ready to bang the place till late ))

    thanks for all, keep and continue !

  22. Alex Fein

    This is definitely the best place to be to get fucking good electronic music with our Electro-God Richie Hawtin!!!!


  23. horsduco

    after Time Warp Holland, just can’t wait to attend to TIME WARP MANNHEIM !!! I cross my fingers to win these tickets !!!
    would be there anyway 🙂

  24. Phil allen

    After experiencing the best event in the world in 2009 I have been longing to return since. However, due to being a teacher and dependent on the Easter holidays falling at the right time I have been unable to attend…until this year, 2012. I would love to be caught up in this magical event seeing the best underground artists in the world. Sharing that magical morning afternoon/session with people from all over the word would be my utopian dream for 2012!

  25. Padarig Crowley

    Would love to make it to my first Timewarp with the help of some free tickets.. Pretty pleeease??

  26. Hugh Flynn

    ive been to the Holland timewarp but never this one and heard good things, but since becoming a student i haven’t had the chance to party nor holiday :o(

  27. feraru marian

    amazing line-up…creme de la creme 😀 it will be amazing if i could enjoy the best event of the year..so i hope i will win 🙂

  28. Giammarco Felici

    The Time Warp in my opinion is one of the best music festival in the world where they performed very good djs,I hope to attend this fantastic event … in Music we Trust

  29. Jorge Vázquez

    Of all the European festivals where I was, the Time Warp is the best. And without a doubt the best of the festival is the live of Laurent Garnier. regards

  30. Marijn

    I must go to TW Mannheim! Been to TW Holland and it was a hell of a party, but TW with Carl Cox and Dubfire in addition would be the max!

  31. Egon Graind'Orge

    Last year was amazing! Had an unbelievable 16 hours full party! Richie’s crazy closing got me totally warped. Greetings from Belgium!

  32. Szabina

    Leave comment….I can’t find the words… If anybody have been to TimeWarp then know that what is it!
    The crowd, atrists, sounds, visuals, passion…. You need feel it! I want to feel 🙂
    Btw.: I have a tattoo with Terminal M(Monika Kruse’s label) logo on my arm! So i would like to being there 😉

  33. Sheila xx

    My Smile is Ready…My Excitement is Ready…My Ears are Ready…My Dancing Shoes are polished & Ready…All My Friends are Ready…And All I need now is to be Lucky enough to Win some Quality Time Warp Tickets…Then I would be DEFO TECHNO Ready!! 🙂 xx

  34. Rew Arnt

    Last year actually was my first Time Warp and the whole atmosphere was simply amazing!
    It would be great to become a part of it again and share the experience (and the second ticket)with my best friend.

  35. Ben Shi

    85 days to go !!!!
    Celebrate again the best MinimalElectro Party in Mannheim 2012
    ***** Jipieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *****

  36. Aurélie

    The best festival of electronic music in the world! It‘ S so amazing!!!!! Highly on March 31st!

  37. Sandra

    Time Warp is definitely the festival to go to this year. Amazing line up! So many great DJs and producers. Lots of tech heads dancing together to wicked tunes and sharing the love. Would be gutted to miss out.

  38. Kamil Boguslaw

    I have 800 km to Mannheim and i would like be 3rd time, so please give me a chance to be there 😉

  39. Zoran Z.

    please partysan, let me be there!!:-) I need to get away from it all and dance till in the afternoon with richie hawtin!!please make my day :-))) ***greets, zoran***

  40. feraru marian

    amazing line-up…wish i could take part at this great event of the year…so only thing i have to do is to be lucky 😀

  41. feraru marian

    great great line-up ..all the dj’s i love it will be there so i think it’s the event of 2012..wish me luck so i can be there 😀

  42. Steven Boer

    I was at Time Warp Holland 2011 and it was by far the best indoor party i went too in 2011!!! Would be awsome to go to Mannheim aswell :)!!!
    Party on!!

  43. Patrick Slegers

    I’ll hope to have a greater party then it was at Amazing ’s-Hertogenbosch-Holland!!! I don’t think it’s possible, because that was realy from the beginning until the end damn hot! Let’s see how great Time Warp Germany is….

  44. Milan Groot

    This is a lineup that will not be seen any (time) soon! Its time for some time warp baby! Cant wait for this awesome awesome party. Lets do this damn thing

  45. Milan Louissa Groot

    This is a line up that will not be seen any (time) soon! Its time for some time warp baby! Cant wait for this awesome awesome party. Lets do this damn thing

  46. Aylin Hiller

    TIME WARP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FUCKING THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :*:* <3

  47. Barry Kearon

    Traveling over from Ireland for this again.Wouldnt miss it.Keep up the good work 🙂

  48. NenShi

    84 days to go !!!!
    Celebrate again the best MinimalElectro Party in Mannheim 2012
    ***** Jipieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *****

  49. Janosch Höhnel

    I love Techno 😉 but i don`t have money to pay the ticket… soo give it to me 🙂

  50. imen

    Tunisia →→→Frankfurt (Cocoon club) →→→ Mannheim (TIMEWARP)!!! 🙂 no comment i can’t waitttttttt:(((((((

  51. Tobi from Germany

    Timewarp !…its love, its peace, its Music…and we all come together because of this !…love it <3

  52. Gruner Christian

    Freu mich scho riesig auf die Time Warp 2012!!

    Wie jedes jahr hammer Line Up**

    See ya** LG Chris

  53. Kevin Kamperman

    I was @ Timewarp Holland. It was Epic, i am in love!. And i want to go to the original Timewarp. The best of the best :)So let me win

  54. Marcia Rös

    we wanna have a look if mannheim goes crazy like hertogenbosch in 2011!
    it was absolutely amazing. wanna freakin out in 2012 mannheim too!!!! ;P

  55. Lara Kusters

    We went to TW in Demember 2010 and it sucked as heeeeeeeell. My expectations were huge and they failed, maybe I was at the wrong place at the wrong time. But it was also so tremendously large. Everyone told us TW is the coolest techno party of the year. That’s why our faith in you has not been fading away. This line up is soooo sick, you have to give us that second chance!!!! X Love for techno

  56. Simon Weber

    This will be a fantastic night like last year.
    Hope to win the tickets so I can see all my favourit djs at one place

  57. PARTYSAN Award 2011: International DJ of the year > Clublife > Nick Curly, marco carola, partysan award, partysan poll, Umek, Richie Hawtin, Luciano, DJ Rush, best international dj, Best international Club 2011

    […] # 8 Nick CurlyThe Mannheim-based DJ finished # 8 after the voting phase in the BEST INTERNATIONAL DJ 2011 category of the PARTYSAN POLL & AWARDS. Nick Curly had his breakthrough end of the first decade of the new millennium. His sound is groovy, housy and very varied, which makes his performances always very sexy. Starting his international career recently, he is bringing the atmosphere at his gigs to boil with pushing consistent beats. With being resident DJ at Space Ibiza and with his “Sun City” EP out on Cocoon, this year 2011 Nick Curly became internationally omnipresent. […]

  58. ricardo

    one of the best festival ever! I went once in 2009 and it was amazing. It will be very nice to come back again

  59. Thai Tran


  60. Shemaya

    Time Warp Festival is much more than just the pure combination of music and technology. It is also a joyous come-together of the international techno scene and represents a fixed meeting place for the Time Warp community that has been formed across national borders with one thing in common: a great love for electronic music.

  61. Romy

    Since Time Warp HOLLAND I can think nowhere else of! It is so badly that when I go to sleep I take a Time warp flyer with me ! I dream about having a great time at Time Warp Mannheim and party with my friends. The best party ever ! & then it happens again the alarm goes.. and I cry myself awake. It was just a dream.
    Can you help me to make my dream come true?

  62. loco starr

    It’s Time to Warp!!! Bring it to Mannheim
    Wir sehen uns auf dem heißesten Event des Jahres!!!

  63. Regillio

    I HAVE TO GO to timewarp, im only a student and i really really really want to go! so give me the tickets and i feel dance till the last tune on this party!!

    love from Amsterdam

  64. Dani

    Hell YEAAAAH! after flybermuda last year, it will be great not to miss time warp!!! 🙂


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