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Space Ibiza

Space is the place! This huge club, located just a few steps away from the beach in Playa d’en Bossa, may not be the oldest club on the island, but it already has a big history we can look back on.

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Space definitely was THE place when afterhours were still allowed in Ibiza…
Because, back then, that’s what Space was all about. Basically, Space was an afterhours club which opened at 8:00 in the morning and people were partying all day inside the club and on the infamous open air Terrace. People either came back from the night clubs and continued at Space or just arrived freshly from a good night’s sleep and, all together had a buzz, dancing in the sun on the Terrace or inside the Discoteca. But, if you read carefully through all the club descriptions, you’ll notice, almost every club in Ibiza had to get some changes done in order to comply with the laws. Same goes for Space. Suddenly, the Terrace had to have a roof. And only short after the roof had been put on, the afterhours ban was put in action.

The afterhour ban in the year 2008 was a hefty punch for Space
No longer had the club the monopoly on afterhours on the island. And the club now was „just like any other club“ in Ibiza. It took the club some time to effectively get the change done from an afterhours into a night club. And also the revellers had to get used to that! It was a bitter pill for many a clubber to walk past Space at 11:00 in the morning, finding the club closed, empty and silent. Eventually, everyone accepted the fact though and gave Space another chance. Of course, there are always the melancholic ravers grieving about the missing real afterhours on the island and sobbing about the old open air Terrace, but the wind of change just never calms down. And for sure there are thousands of punters only waiting for another change in the island’s regulations, allowing afterhours again. Let’s see what the future brings…

Space IbizaSpace today
Looking back on the past few years, Space had been a very successful club again with many strong parties cleverly planned in their weekly schedule. Evergreens like „We Love“ on a Sunday (which used to be a 22 hours non-stop party before the afterhours ban) and Carl Cox’ own night on a Tuesday have been part of the most important fiestas of the island for years. Add some good new nights like „Kehakuma“, a party that goes from strength to strength each year with the most up-to-date DJs playing, and you see Space shining again.

Your first visit to Space might be somewhat dazzling. The club consists of 6 dance floors and it will take some time until you’ve seen them all. The good thing about it – you’ll always find a room you like. Sometimes it’s the Discoteca (the main inside room) which is going off big time, while on another day the most magnetic point is the Main Terrace – the old Terrace which now looks a bit like an aquarium from outside. Apart of these two dance floors, there are many more places to be explored: the Sunset Terrace, a must-visit for the nostalgic Space raver of old days; the Premier Etage, a uber-cool roof terrace, more a bar than a dancefloor, but always with great funky vibes; El Salon, another room with a lively bar area and always some dancefloor classics getting aired and the Red Box, a small, dark and intimate dance floor above the Discoteca.

Space Opening and closing parties
Both the opening and closing fiestas of Space have been marking the beginning and the end of Ibiza’s clubbing season for years. Space opening always takes place on the last Sunday of May or the first Sunday of June and the closing is normally celebrated on the first Sunday of October. For these two parties, people from all over the world fly down to Ibiza and gather together for one massive session.

On these two occasions, also the car parking behind the club is transformed into another huge open air dance floor. And for sure not only arrive the clubbers in hordes, also the crème de la crème of the international DJ world comes together and celebrates the start (or the end) of another crazy Ibiza clubbing summer. For an Ibiza lover, it is a MUST to at least once experience the feeling on the car parking dance floor when, just before this dance floor shuts at midnight, the owner of Space Pepe Rosello himself gets on the stage and talks to the revellers, thanking them for their unbroken support.

Text/Photos: CaminoPR

Space Ibiza