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Richie Hawtin talking about his ‚Enter‘ night at Space

DJ, innovator, producer – no one has shaped and influenced modern electronic music the way Richie Hawtin has. His early days in an old fire station in Windsor, Ontario, just across the border from Detroit, already shaped his Plastikman alter ego. And with his two strongly influential and inspiring labels, Plus 8 and Minus, Hawtin proved his genius by pushing boundaries and breaking new musical grounds.

Richie Hawtin Enter at Space Ibiza

After years of shaping out the legendary Cocoon parties alongside Sven Väth and using his own digital master performances touch to the event, Hawtin recently announced that he will be leaving Amnesia for his own night ‚Enter‘ at Space this year.

“If you had asked me last season I would have sworn that I’m not intending to do a solo residency in Ibiza”, says Hawtin. “It was completely unplanned and not something I had in my drawer. But then in December there were talks, I was led through Space and thought, wow, this could really work here. After that I put together the whole concept in two weeks.”  He highlights the role of Space nightclub in all of this. Hawtin confirms that ‚Enter‘ would have not been possible in any other club. The party will be tailor-fit to the legendary venue.

Being the creative visionary he is, most of the concept of ‚Enter‘ is coming from him: “Visually almost everything is my idea, flyers, logos and stuff”. Only for performance-visuals he is collaborating with some long time experts in the field.

Richie Hawtin will be headlining Space‘ main room every Thursday starting in July. He will make time for an additional appearance at Cocoon Amnesia though, so mark Monday, 27th of  August 2012, in your calendar. As a season highlight for many he will team up for the very first time with long time friend and supporter Sven Väth on the decks.

Only three days later Sven will join Richie at his ‚Enter‘ party at Space on Thursday, 30th of August 2012.

“It probably won’t be just two nights of party but rather four days and nights for us, there won’t be much sleep”, laughs Hawtin. They don’t have a plan though whether they will play back-to-back or some other form of performance: “A lot will be improvised as we are all still friends, also with Luciano and Loco Dice”.

The only thing that can be predicted for the two night extravaganza is sheer party madness, so better book your tickets now!

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