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Review: Marco Carola presents Music On at Amnesia

It´s counted as the unluckiest day in western culture, but Friday the 13th included Marco Carola´s second run of his own created Music On at Amnesia. From Hot Creations´Jamie Jones taking up his own night Paradise at DC10, to Richie Hawtin and his first Ibiza solo residency at Space, 2012 is shaping up to be a new era in DJ independence.

Music On at Amnesia Marco Carola

Neverdogs – made up of the Italian duo Marko De Gregorio and Tommy Paone –  kicked off the night with traditional banging techno. A call-out to the music fans who are simply there for the music, it´s in sharp contrast to the plastic nature of Supermartxe happening a ten minute walk away at Privilege. With the dare-devil risk-takers dancing with energy at 1am in Amnesia, even though the event did not finish until 7am, here is sign of people taking full advantage of what It´s All About The Music has to offer them.

Music On at AmnesiaUsually resident at Ushuaia for the Senses party, Neverdogs gave people a full feast of music mind games. From lyrics singing out „thinking“ and swiftly changing in rhyme to „sinking“, to vocals calling out „let it grow“ overlapping with a high-pitched hum and a collection of high-hats, bass and then a new voice saying „bring on your funky shit“, doing justice to dirty, stomping and intelligent techno was evident.

And being able to make a police siren and war alarm noise sound melodic in music, without it sounding threatening or scary is certainly an achievement. A reminder from Neverdogs, who revel in the underground scene in London and other parts of the world, that it´s time to embrace the strength and valour of techno.

As an empty glass on a table shook from the speakers´vibrations, and as the French DJ Paul Ritch danced alongside everyone else in the club, Guti added to the energtic atmosphere. Showing off his jazz roots and background, piano sounds reverberated across the main room as the occasional pastel colour lights shone in the space. With domintrax dressed female dancers, and one gimp-masked male dancer, here was a place where the power was in fact, with the people, their ears glued to the sounds coming out of the DJ booth. As Guti played out some disco funk fuelled techno, the decks were handed over to Mr Marco Carola.

As though the music was speaking to the audience, lyrics saying „here´s another house tune“ on repeat made sure the surreal clubbing element was kept in full swing. An apt start from Marco Carola, his way of speaking to the music-lovers present and keeping them hungry for some more. Futuristic techno with old-fashioned percussion had everyone bounce around in joy, an audience made up of people who looked out for each other. Yet here was the DJ who had a somewhat dark element to his music, a muffled voice reaching out of one record declaring „please write back“, and a homage in fact, to the deep-rooted sensations one can have inside of them, when they come across such emotionally intelligent music.

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