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Privilege Ibiza – The past and the present

Not many clubs in the world can look back on such a moving and interesting history as Privilege’s. And we’re not just talking about any club – we’re talking about the World’s biggest club according to the Guinness Book of records!Privilege Ibiza KU Ibiza

Privilege Ibiza DancerThe History
Telling the whole Privilege story could almost fill a book, but we’ll try to keep it short. The place where Privilege stands today, started off as a quiet holiday village in San Rafael, in the middle of the island, with a swimming pool, where people got together and had a good time. At the end of the 70s, former footballer Jose Antonio Santamaria, discovered the place and started throwing parties there. He already owned a club called Ku in San Sebastian and brought the same name on the island. From that point on, the most successful and defining period in the history of Privilege – named Ku back then – began.

In the 80s, Ku was the number one clubbing spot worldwide, home to hedonists, jet-set and excess, even having a wilder reputation than the infamous Studio54 in NYC. That was the glorious era of open-air clubbing in Ibiza. The downfall of Ku started when the club had to put a roof on. This project was too expensive, moreover when the first construction fell down eventually. The management changed and with the roof, Ku – which then changed its name to Privilege – had lost a lot of its previous charm. But luckily, Manumission happened. This debauched fiesta was the most successful party series ever at Privilege and filled the massive club to capacity on a weekly basis during a long period. Back then, there was even a DJ banging out his tunes down in the toilet – imagine this!

Privilege ibizaPrivilege today
The club obviously is not the same as when it was Ku, but two things are for sure: the club is still amazingly big and you’ll still find relicts from Ku inside the club. Today, Privilege offers a total of three dance floors: the huge main room, which still consists of a swimming pool, the Cocoloco, a great room with a familiar atmosphere and which is especially recommended in the morning hours, and sometimes even La Vaca, the third room, is open.

Add to that a restaurant, a big VIP section, many inside and outside bars (the one in the garden is lovely) and you’ve got the world’s biggest club alive and kicking! In the last few seasons, two parties were exceptionally successful: Tiësto’s own night and Supermartxe, a spanish house brand which took Privilege by storm in the past few summers. And also at Privi, live music is back.

The club lately also put a lot of efforts in updating the sound and light systems. We’re all excited to know about Privilege’s plans for the next summer 2012! If you are going to Ibiza, make sure you don’t miss paying the World’s biggest club a visit. If you catch one of their big nights, you’ll still be able to experience Privilege in its full glory with all its rooms open and busy and the whole huge club buzzing!

Privilege Ibiza

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