Pacha Ibiza – The past and the present

Pacha – not only in Ibiza.

PACHA ibizaWhen Pacha Ibiza was born in 1973, no one would have ever expected the finca (on the then still outskirts of Eivissa town) would once mark the epicentre of the glamourous end of the world’s nightlife scene. No, Pacha Ibiza wasn’t the first „Pacha“. But it was the franchise which enabled Pacha group to grow on a global scale. Nowadays, Pacha is the leading nightlife brand on our planet with many franchises opening all over the World and a merchandising department that works a treat; you can get any gadget with the famous Pacha cherries logo on it.

Pacha Ibiza
But back to Pacha Ibiza. Eivissa town has grown significially during the last decades and Pacha Ibiza is now quite centrally located in Ibiza town, driving towards Ibiza Nueva, the new part of Eivissa town. Although, when you enter the club, you’ll notice the charm of that old Ibicenco finca right away. Built in the cubic pitiuses style and with white-washed walls inside and out, Pacha Ibiza perfectly reflects the Balearic style on how to build a wonderful club. Take your time when you first visit Pacha, there are simply too many rooms to explore, and don’t be surprised if you get lost, it’s all part of the fun!

You have the main room with two huge VIP-areas (read on for more on that subject!) and with many balconies above, then you have the legendary Funky Room aka „El Cielo“, a smallish room which always provides a great vibe, familiar atmosphere and mostly extraordinarily good music. Then there’s the Global room, a dancefloor where you can get the odd urban beats night, and “Pachacha”, the place to go if you look for latin flavoured sounds.

The best room hasn’t been mentioned yet though – and it’s not even a real room – Pacha’s legendary rooftop terrace. This is the place to be on a hot summer night, taking a break of the mayhem going on inside the sold-out club. Sit comfortably, sip on your drink while you chat to your mates and look at the stars above Ibiza town or – even better – stare at the gorgeous Pacha girls taking a bath in the super-sized champagne glass situated right in the middle of said terrace. From below, you hear the thumping beats of the main room and you’re back on the dancefloor within minutes once your batteries are recharged.

Pacha ibiza

VIP’s galore!
You may have heard about Pacha’s VIP and it’s true – Pacha Ibiza is infamous for its celebs visiting the club summer after summer again. And, inside Pacha you’ll find the island’s largest VIP section. During high season, and especially for the most famous nights, the best VIP tables are sold out weeks in advance and people are paying fortunes to own such a table for one night.

The whole VIP thing is all part of the legend that is Pacha Ibiza. And if you want to go for the full service programme, book a table at Pacha restaurant (located in the same building with access to the club), dine elegantly and have a boogie after dinner – entrance to the club is free if you eat at the restaurant.

Sexy funky house music
Last, but not least, let’s talk about the sound of Pacha. To put it simple: Pacha Ibiza always sounds housey and sexy. With stars like David Guetta and his own „F*** Me I’m Famous“ night and the Swedish House Mafia, you got the more commericial end of house music covered (although SHM are leaving Pacha this coming summer – their plans for 2012 are not revealed yet). Then you’ve got DJs like Erick Morillo and Pete Tong, which both are around for many years already, still get the revellers going and always bring some high caliber guests. Plus, Pacha Ibiza now have set foot on the underground sector as well with Luciano and his Vagabundos gang from his own Label Cadenza Records.

Ultimately, and as a strong recommendation, if you happen to be on the island just when they celebrate „Flower Power“ in Pacha (normally twice a month from June to September), don’t miss it. It’s simply the best fiesta in town on that night and shows that Ibiza still has its very own hippie charm…

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