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Ibiza Clubs to open from May to late October

ibiza-beachIbiza is the party capital in the world and finally the local authorities and politicians accept the fact that especially in times of economic crisis you should stick to what you have. What Ibiza is most known for is sun, beaches, music and party.

Every years hundreds of thousands of holiday makers are coming to the White Island for one reason: see the clubs, have fun, go crazy, enjoy the island’s beauty and relax, all in the same time!

The companies behind the discotheques are important part of the driving force behind the island’s economy.

As reported in the Diario de Ibiza in December, the mayors are meeting the representatives of the “Asociación de Discotecas y Salas de Fiesta de Balears” (those who own the nightlife establishments in Ibiza) to think about ways how to keep the clubs open from early May until the end October.

The mayors underline this initiative by the “significant weight“ nightlife tourism has for the island. The president of the Consell Insular, Vicente Serra, acknowledges that it will be difficult this to be done by next summer, so therefore he wants the clubs to keep open for more months from 2013. In the upcoming months the Consell wants to meet the managers of the clubs of Ibiza to hear each case and get an impression of the needs and worries they have related to an extended season.

What to the mayors of Ibiza and probably to many clubbers from all over the world seems to be a very good idea, does not automatically make the clubs say “yes”. Because who carries the biggest risk actually are the nightlife businesses – they have to carry the costs for keeping their location open, without knowing if in May or October anybody will show up. If you think of how many people are working at at discotheque as Amnesia, Pacha or Space, you can image what this means for the company financially.

Well, let’s see how things gonna develop, from our side we would be very happy to see more events and parties happening in Ibiza in May and October! But we also know that’s not an easy task to bring tourists to the island during these months. It will depend very much on the travel and accommodation offers, and if there will be flights to the island at affordable rates.