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Happy Birthday Space! Space Ibiza started 20 years ago to coin the musical landscape in Ibiza

Happy Birthday Space Space Ibiza started 20 years ago to coin the musical landscape in IbizaSpace is an unmistakable symbol of the identity of Ibiza. The club opened in 1989 in Playa d’en Bossa and only three years later it was known around the world.



Founder Pepe Roselló gave the people the opportunity to dance under the sun. This was something totally new at that moment and people went mad. It was the time when the after-hours started to grow up all around Europe. Space was giving the island a completely new concept: dancing in the daylight!

From that moment, Space became the most famous club terrace in the world. Back in 1989, Space had brought to Ibiza the sound that was being championed at that time in London and DJ’s came along such as Alex P and Brandon Block, who started the legendary Sundays at Space.

The club was a real phenomenon and pioneering the era of the after-hours. At that time (late 80’s and early 90’s), the price to enter the club was 2.500 Pesetas from Monday to Friday and 3.000 Pesetas on the weekend.

Not too much if you think of how many really important artists have been djing at Space Ibiza during the last 20 years and still do – some of the best DJ’s of the world of any genre of modern dance music.

With the new laws for opening hours in Ibiza which the government established last year to ban daytime partying, Space had to go through a process of creative re-orientation. The result is a fresh and innovative approach to present new party concepts for high quality night-time events such as “Be” on Thursdays.

Those looking for the daytime experience on the legendary open Space terrace should check out Sundays, still the busiest day at the club, and starting in the afternoon at 16:30.

Attitude, vision, creativity, and most importantly, music have guided the development of the club. Its six rooms (with an amazing sound system by Funktion One) cover all aspects of electronic music, provided by the most prominent DJ’s on the planet. Amongst many other awards Space Ibiza was chosen “Best Global Club” in 2005 and 2006 at the Winter Music Conference held in Miami.

When we closed this issue of PARTYSAN Ibiza Magazine the line-up for the anniversary party was still kept in secret. We are sure it will be amazing so watch out for Space posters and flyers and get your tickets right in time!

Happy Birthday Space Space Ibiza started 20 years ago to coin the musical landscape in IbizaTHE SPACE ANNIVERSARY PARTY WILL TAKE PLACE ON FRIDAY, 14TH AUGUST, FROM 16:30.