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Because We Are Circoloco!

DC10We received the following letter from one of our readers:

„Making the turn, I can hear the bass with sunshine around!  Walking down with butterflies and excitement for the upcoming extravaganza.  It’s DC10, it’s Circoloco, it’s a home, it’s a family, and it’s a summer religion!“

„Walking down the stoned dirt road with smiling, silly locos. I see a friend, I see a homie, two, then three, and it finally feels like home!  Lines of people waiting for that precious moment, for that first beat and bass running through the body! The excitement rises! I am finally there!  Beautiful garden lit by sun and sun shining people!  There are no more worries or confusion it all makes sense now! I am home! Smiling faces all around, not sure whom to hug or say hi to first! I love you all!

It’s time for the Circoloco departure!  Walking in, the darkness of the main room blinds me but beats surround the soul! There is light at the end of the tunnel!  The terrace, as a piece of heaven!  Everyone and their precious desires for those few moments in paradise! I feel lucky knowing I’m home, which DC10 has become for the islanders being part of it! The euphoria of the music and unlimited energy lifts my spirit and ends all bad karma!

One round, two rounds and then I am back in the dark! Caught up in the sound and booty shaking vibes, there it is I see it!  DC10 has done it too!

It is a VIP area!  The once secluded and intimate corner has turned into a vicious bottle service area!  But why, why here, why DC10? Our underground escape from the lights and glory of Ibiza has joined the commercialization of the island? I shred a tear and wonder about the future! Is it really true? Has even the dance music worship temple that is used as an escape from the chaos of the island turned bananas?

Is Paris Hilton going to be a permanent guest to our home? Are we loosing the underground? Or is there any underground left?

Has this ugly circle of exposure reached us?  Have we sold our dance culture? Look around you, who are these people sharing our dance? Has the raw, euphoric feeling been substituted by VIP areas and disdainfulness?

No Paris Hilton, you will never be Circoloco!

I love you DC10, but please choose the underground!
Save the underground!“

words by a PARTYSAN user and Circoloco lover who wants to stay anonymous
foto by Rica