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Amnesia Ibiza – The past and the present

Amnesia Ibiza is one of the two mega clubs located in the middle of the Island, near the village of San Rafael. Amnesia started back in 1976. Back then, legendary DJ Alfredo was playing his eclectic sets, mixing many different sound styles together and laying a path for UK house heroes like Paul Oakenfold and Danny Rampling, who later took over and were quintessential to electronic dance music as we know it today. Amnesia got its reputation and soon became one of the most amazing nightlife destinations on the island. Of course, also Amnesia started off open-air, but had to get a roof put on later like all the other clubs in Ibiza.

 Amnesia ibiza

Amnesia ibiza crowdClubbing to the max
Nowadays, Amnesia is home to some of the most famous club nights Ibiza has to offer. For more than a decade already, extremely popular nights like Cream and Cocoon are happening weekly at Amnesia. At Cream, you get the world’s best trance DJ’s like Paul Van Dyk and house heroes like Laidback Luke banging their tracks out, while at Cocoon all underground aficionados get pampered with sets from Sven Väth, Richie Hawtin and Ricardo Villalobos. Also MTV’s recent Ibiza reincarnation happened at Amnesia and brought stars like Snoop Dogg on the stage. Add the famous foam party (twice a week) and Matinée to the weekly schedule (a metrosexual and very popular night with all the Spanish) and you’ve got a hell of a busy week at Amnesia!

So, Amnesia is famous for its diversity. You can almost get all styles of electronic dance music at Amnesia in one week. Moreover, as Amnesia consists of two huge dance floors, you can even get a lot of diversity just in one night. The main room is one crazy powerhouse with the DJ standing high above and one of the famous ice cannons blasting the cold directly down into the dancing masses. The terrace, on the other hand, is almost the new main room, since they refurbished it a few years ago. It’s a massive room with a very high ceiling and the changes they’d done to the terrace were all for the better. Above both floors you’ll find an expansive VIP zone where you can always find both island locals as well as international celebs hanging around.

Amnesia Ibiza dancersAmnesia dancers
Oh yes, Amnesia’s dancers deserve their very own chapter in the big book of clubbing. At least if the author is male. But come on ladies, let’s be honest and admit it; each one of these 20-something dancers is drop-dead gorgeous and simply an eye candy for everyone with a faible for beautiful women. But hey, from time to time, there’s also a few men included in the dancers’ group, so there’s also something for the ladies. When the dancers come out at night and add their sexy moves to the party at Amnesia, they complete the Amnesia clubbing experience. You’ve got the powerful sound banging out of the PA, hordes of people dancing the night away to the tunes of the world class DJs, a lot of cool lasers and lights and the mentioned ice cannons blasting and together with the dancers, you’re set to lose your mind for a night…hence the club’s name, Amnesia.

Amnesia closing party
Another chapter of Ibiza clubbing history – Amnesia’s closing party mayhem!! The ultimate fiesta of the season at Amnesia is always a very wild and a very long one. It starts at midnight and goes well until the afternoon of the next day. Telling too much about this party would be a sin though, you just have to experience it yourself to be able to believe.

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