The results of the last International Dance Music Awards (IDMA) in March 2008 revealed that three of the five world’s best clubs are located in Ibiza!

Amnesia  is  the  winner of   the 23rd IDMA held at  the Winter Music  Conference  (WMC)  in Miami  in  the  category  “Best Global  Club  2007” for the second  time  in  a  row,  followed by Pacha Ibiza, Space Ibiza,  Stereo  Montreal  and Guvernment Toronto.

The  history of  Amnesia began in April 1970, when the Planells family, who had inhabited the house for five generations,  decided to move into town and sell their finca.

The  building  turned  into  a meeting  point  for  hippies.  In  May 1976, Antonio Escohotado, decides  that  the name of   the discotheque will be “The Workshop of  Forgetfulness”. He wanted to express that when people go out at night they tend to forget their problems. Already the next day he realized that the Greek  word  “Amnesia” contains this all.

After  a  number  of wonderful  summers, alternating  with  unexpected  closings,  Amnesia reopens  under  MFC management  in  1991.  
It  is  at  this  time  that  the clubs of Ibiza start to gain international fame.

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